What team did jenny finch play on?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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U.s.a. Pro team

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Q: What team did jenny finch play on?
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Does jenny finch play on a travaling team when she was younger?


Who are some famous athletes who play softball?

jenny finch, lots of others. Because i know jenny finch.

Has jenny finch retired from team USA?

Yes. Finch officially retired May 9th.

When did jenny finch first play softball?

when she was 35

What NFL team does Roy Finch play for?

Roy Finch plays for the England Patriots.

How many strikeouts did Jenny Finch have each year of her college career?

Jenny Finch has thrown 1,028 strikeouts!

Who does Jennie Finch play for?

The USA Olympic Softball Team

What position does jenny finch play?

She pitched and played first before she retired.

For what movies is Jennie Finch famous?

Jennie Finch is most famous for being on shows such as "E! True Hollywood Story" and "The Doctors - Jenny Finch Tips." You can get more information about Jenny Finch at the Wikipedia and Internet Movie Database.

Is jenny finch the a righty or lefty?


What is Jenny Finch's Address?

What number is jenny finch?