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Q: What team did david beckham make his man united first team debut?
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What team did david beckham make is man united first team debut against?

His first-team debut was in 1992 at the aged of 17 against Brighton & Hove Albion.

What team did David Beckham start playing for?

David Beckham, came from the youth and Manchester United and that was his first club.

What was David Beckham's first US game?

The very first game he played he debuted for the team on 21 July in a friendly versus Chelsea Two weeks later, Beckham made his league debut as a substitute on 9 August versus DC United.

What was the first football team David Beckham played for?

manchester united was the first team beckham signed a professional contract with

Who was David Beckham first coach?

Stuart Underwood was David Beckham's first coach. David Beckham began his official soccer career at the ripe age of seventeen.

What is David Beckham's dad's first name?

David Edward Alan "Ted" Beckham

What team did david beckham make is first team debute match against for man united?


What team was did David Beckham scored his first England goal?

It was Manchester United as he came from its youth team.

What was the first team david beckham played for?

His first team was Manchester united, and while there, he moved on loan to Preston North End

Where did David Beckham first live?


Who is David Beckham's role model?

David Beckham played football at Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson was David's manager. Sir Alex Ferguson taught David many things and put him in his first real game. Sir Alex Ferguson was a role model of David's because of this.

When was David Beckham's first competition?

in 1988 willies

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