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Mays was with the San Francisco Giants.

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Q: What team did Willie Mays play for in 1961?
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What team did Willie Mays play for first?

Willie Mays made his Major League debut on May 25, 1951 with the New York Giants.

What team did Willie Mays play for right before his retirement?

The New York Mets

What team did Willie Mays play for before the New York Giants?

Willie Mays started his baseball career playing for the New York Giants. He made his major league debut on May 25, 1951

Willie Mays retirement on what team?

New York Mets

Willie Mays began his professional career in 1948 with a team that has what three letter in the middle circle of their logo?

Willie Mays played for the Birmingham Black Barons in 1948. The team's logo has three B's in the middle of a circle.

What team did Willie Mays end his career with?

After playing for the Giants for 21 years, Willie Mays was traded to the New York Mets on 11 May 1972. He retired after the 1973 season.

What team did Willie Mays retire on?

Mays, who began his career with the New York Giants in 1951, ended it in 1973 with the New York Mets.

What NFL team does Taylor Mays play for?

Taylor Mays plays for the Cincinnati Bengals.

What NFL team does Frances Mays play for?

Frances Mays plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Why did Willie Mays Willie McCovey and Orlando Cepeda get 2011 World Series ring.?

The three San Francisco Giants greats are all members of the team's front-office staff. Mays, for instance, is special assistant to the team president for life.

How much is a Willie Mays 1960 Post cereal card worth?

1961 Post Willie Mays card number 145The card you have must be a 1961 Post Willie Mays card number 145. Post did not issue cards in 1960. The 1961 Post cards will have the stats for the 1960 season. The cards were available on thick card box stock, singly, or in various panel sizes from cereal boxes. They were also made available in team sheets, printed on thinner cardboard stock, directly from the Post Cereal Company.The 1961 Post Willie Mays card number 145 from the box is worth about $55.00 in near/mint condition. The card from the company $45.00 in near/mint condition See Related Links below for a complete checklist.

How long did Willie Mays play for the San Francisco Giants?

After playing for the New York Giants (1951-52, 1954-57), Willie Mays starred for the team in San Francisco from 1958 to 1972. He missed part of the 1952 season and all of the 1953 season because of a military obligation.

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