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Wayne Gretzky started playing major junior hockey for thePeterborough Petes in the 1976-77 season in the OMHL (Now OHL) and the Sault Ste. Marie Grehounds in the 1977-78 season. He then singed a 7 year contract worth $1.75 million US with the Indianapolis Racers of the WHA when he was 17 the next season. The Racers where a struggling franchise always losing money, so he was traded to the Edmonton Oilers. The Season of 1979-80, the Edmonton Oilers where expanded into the NHL along with teams like the Winnipeg Jets and the Quebec Nordiques.At the End of the 1987-88 season, the Oilers traded Gretzky to the Los Angeles Kings were he would play for 7.5 seasons, before being traded off to the St. Louis Blues during the 1995-96 season. At the end of that season he signed with the New York Rangers where he retired 3 years later after the 1998-99 season.

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Q: What team did Wayne Gretzky start playing for?
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What team did Wayne Gretzky start his nhl career with?

edmonton oilers

How many olympic medals did Wayne Gretzky win?

Gretzky won one gold medal, but only as the general manager of Team Canada. NHLers did not start playing in the Olympics until near the end of his career.

What did Wayne gretzky do?

Wayne Gretzky was the best of the best in hockey...he played for the best team (Oilers, dah) and he is my idol!

Did the Los Angeles Kings win a Stanley Cup with Wayne Gretzky?

No, they did not win a Stanley Cup when Wayne Gretzky was on the team.

When did Wayne Gretzky start playing hockey?

Wayne started skating at age of 2, two months before his third birthday. At age of six he was playing in a team of 10 year olds. His first NHL game was in season 1979-1980.

What team does Wayne Gretzky own?


What hockey team is Wayne Gretzky on?

he no longer plays hockey

Is Wayne Gretzky coaching a team?

At the moment, no

What was Wayne Gretzky last team?

Gretzky last played for the New York Rangers.

Who does Wayne gretzky coach?

Because of the ongoing financial problems in Phoenix, Wayne Gretzky is no longer coach of that team and is no longer coaching in the NHL .

What team was Wayne Gretzky on in 1980?

Edmonton Oilers

What team was Wayne Gretzky best on?

Wayne was at his best with the EDMONTON OILERS. Wayne was at his best with the EDMONTON OILERS.

Who have team Canada's best players been?

Wayne Gretzky and in second place I would say Wayne Gretzky. I know it isn't fair but he really was that good.

What team did Wayne Gretzky play for in college?

Wayne Gretzky did not play in college. He played for a few different teams in juniors in Canada before the WHA/NHL.

What team is Wayne Gretzky couch for?

new york rangers

What NHL team did Wayne Gretzky coach?

The Phoenix Coyotes.

Is Wayne gretzky a general manager?

Wayne Gretzky Is not a General Manager of any NHL Hockey Team right now He was the Coach of The Phoenix Coyotes From 2005-2009

When did Wayne Gretzky get drafted?

Wayne Gretzky was never drafted. He had a WHA contract with the Indianapolis Racers. In 1979 when the WHA merged with the NHL the NHL team associated was allowed to keep 2 players from their WHA team. Gretzky was obviously a choice for Edmonton and was therefore never drafted into the NHL.

What team won the stanley cup that Wayne Gretzky was on?

The Edmonton Oilers

What was the last team Wayne Gretzky played for?

New York Rangers

What team is Wayne Gretzky on nhl 09?

Toronto maple leafs

What team did Wayne Gretzky play for in his rookin year?

Edmonton Oilers

What is the value of a Wayne Gretzky rookie hockey card in very good condition?

What is the value of a "Score" 1991 card in mint condition of Wayne Gretzky worth along with a picture of his entire team then and a Wayne Gretzky "score card # 122 in mint condition.

How old were Gretzky's teammates on his first organized team?

His teammates were about ten when Wayne Gretzky were 6 on his first organized tam that he joined.

What team did Wayne Gretzky become a managing partner of in 2000?

Phoenix Coyotes