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Texas defeated USC, 41-38, in the 2006 Rose Bowl to win the 2005 National Championship.

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Q: What team did Texas beat in 2005 for the National Championship?
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Who won the 2005 BCS national championship?

Texas Longhorns and Vince Young beat USC 41-38

In what year did University of Texas Football team win it's last National Championship?

2005 but it doesn't count because they didn't beat an SEC team for the championship.

Who did the Tar heels defeat in the Final Four in 2005 to advance to the national championship?

they beat the tomahawks

Did bear Bryant beat Texas university while at Alabama?

no he never did. until the 2010 national championship Texas was undefeated to bama

How many National championship games has University of Texas won?

4 wins.soon to be 5 if they can beat Alabama.

Who did the Nebraska Cornhuskers beat in 1995 for the national championship?

The Nebraska cornhuskers beat Florida for the 1995 national championship.

When is the last time an sec team played for the national championship and did not win?

2009, Texas over Alabama < incorrect. Alabama beat Texas

How many national championships has Alabama played in?

One. January 7, 2010. They beat Texas 37-21, winning the national championship.

How many football championship games have the Texas longhorns won?

4 national titles but the Miami hurricanes have them beat with 5 national titles.

When will Texas win the BCS National championship?

Yes. Texas will win if they get a strong enough team to beat the rest! Texas is a good team and they could pull through.

What team did Joe Montana beat his junior year 1977 in college to win the National Championship?

U. of Texas Longhorns

Who won the BCS championship?

Alabama beat Texas

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