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The Tampa Bay Buccineers

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Q: What team did Steve Spurrier play football for?
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What college football team did Steve Spurrier play for?

the University of Florida

Who is the head coach of South Carolina university football team?

Steve Spurrier.

Which NFL team did Steve Spurrier play for?

He played for the 49ers and the Buccaneers.

What NFL team did Steve spurrier play for?

Steve Spurrier played as a backup QB for the San Francisco 49ers for 9 seasons until traded to the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers for his final season.

How many national titles has Florida won in football?

The University of Florida Gators football team has won 3 National Titles. The first was in 1996 vs. Florida State by a score of 54-20 with Head Coach Steve Spurrier . The second was 2006 vs. Ohio State by a score of 41-14 under Head Coach Urban Meyer. The third was 2008 vs. Oklahoma by a score of 24-14, also under Urban Meyer. The Gators have also won 7 SEC Championships in: 1993- Steve Spurrier 1994- Steve Spurrier 1995- Steve Spurrier 1996- Steve Spurrier 2000- Steve Spurrier 2006- Urban Meyer

What team gave Steve Spurrier his first home loss?


Who coached the Washington Redskins from 2002-2003?

Steve Spurrier. Washington posted a 12-20 record in those two years and Spurrier was fired. He later went on to coach the University of South Carolina football team, where he has been coaching since 2005.

Which team does Steve McNair play football for?

he played for the tennese titans he got shot and killied today in nashville 7/4/09 R.I.P Steve Mcnair

What team did Steve Spurrier defeat by 76 points in the 1990's?

Central MichiganSeptember 6, 1997 - Florida 82, Central Michigan 6

What team does Steve Nash play for?

He play for the suns

Do you have to be English to play for England football team?

yes you do or have an English passport to play for England football team

What is the name of the french football team's captian?

Steve Mandanda.

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