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Q: What team did Shane battier play for before he went to Miami Heat?
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What is Shane Battier's number on the Miami Heat?

Shane Battier is number 31 on the Miami Heat.

Who is number 31 on the Miami Heat?

Shane Battier.

What team does Shane battier play for on nba 2k12?

Miami Heat

Who went to the Miami Heat in 2010?

Shane Battier and rookie draft pick Norris Cole

What team is Shane battier on in NBA2k12?

He Is on the heat

Who is Shane Battier?

Shane Battier (born September 9, 1978 in Birmingham, Michigan) is an American basketball player who, as of 2013, plays for the Miami Heat. Battier had previously played for the Memphis Grizzlies and the Houston Rockets, before joining Miami in 2011. Duke College, for whom he played between 1997 and 2001, retired the number 31 in his honour, recognizing his skill as a player.

What movie and television projects has Shane Battier been in?

Shane Battier has: Played himself in "ESPN SportsCentury" in 1999. Played himself in "In Search of Character: Respect" in 1999. Played himself in "Pardon the Interruption" in 2001. Played Himself - Miami Heat Basketball Player in "Mike and Mike in the Morning" in 2005. Played Himself - Miami Heat Forward in "Mike and Mike in the Morning" in 2005. Played himself in "A Cut Above: 100 Seasons of Duke Basketball" in 2005. Played himself in "Starting at the Finish Line: The Coach Buehler Story" in 2010.

Who is the starting 5 for Miami Heat?

pg chalmers sg wade sf king james pf battier c bosh

How many Duke Basketball Players have won NBA Championships?

Answer: THREE (3) -Jeff Mullins: 1975 with the Golden State Warriors, -Danny Ferry snuck one in with San Antonio in 2003, his last year in the NBA -Shane Battier: 2012 with the Miami Heat

What are the name of the players on the Miami Heat?

Joel Anthony, Chris Bosh, Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Eddy Curry, Mickell Gladness, Terrel Harris, Udonis Haslem, Juwan Howard, LeBron James, James Jones, Mike Miller, Dexter Pittman, and Dwayne Wade

What are the Miami Heat players?

As of the season of 2012-13: Ray Allen Joel Anthony Shane Battier Chris Bosh Mario Chalmers Norris Cole Josh Harrellson Terrel Harris Udonis Haslem LeBron James James Jones Rashard Lewis Mike Miller Dexter Pittman Dwayne Wade

Who is number 23 on Miami Heat?

NOT Dwayne Wade, Joel Anthony, Mario Chalmers, Mike Bibby, Chris Bosh, Shane Battier, Eddy Curry, Norris Cole, Udonis Haslem, Mickel Gladness, Tarrel Haris, James Jones, Juwan Howard, Mike Miller, or Dexter Pittman so it has to be LEBRON JAMES

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