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Sammy signed with the Texas Rangers in 1985 at the age of 16.

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Q: What team did Sammy Sosa sign with after turning 16?
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What team did Sammy Sosa sign with in 1985 after turning 16?

Texas Rangers

What team did Sammy Sosa sign with in 1985?

The Texas Rangers

What team is Sammy Sosa in?

He is currently retired

What team does Sammy Sosa play for?

In the 2007 season, Sammy Sosa played for the Texas Rangers of the American League.

What baseball team does Sammy Sosa play for?

In the 2007 season, Sammy Sosa played for the Texas Rangers of the American League.

Wo does Sammy Sosa play for today?

Sammy Sosa retired from baseball on June 3rd, 2009 after not signing with a team as a free agent, and not being selected for the WBC.

How much is a baseball with Sammy Sosa autograoh and the whole Chicago team worth?


What team did Sammy Sosa play for in 2008?

As listed in his MLB Bio he didnt play in 2008

When did Sammy Sosa come to America?

Sammy Sosa was born in Consuelo, Dominican Republic on November 12, 1968. He came to the Untied States in 1986 to play baseball for a minor league team in Florida.

What team did Sammy Sosa hit his 600th career home run against?

Sammy Sosa's 600th home run came against the Chicago Cubs and pitcher Jason Marquis on June 20, 2007.

Who was the First player to hit a home run against every major league team?

Sammy Sosa

Last team Sammy Sosa played on?

Texas Rangers, last game Sept. 29, 2007

Is Sammy Sosa still with the Texas Rangers 2008?

No, he sat out the season to train for the Domincan Reublic National Team.

What MLB team does Sammy Sosa play for?

The last time I seem him play on was the Texas Rangers in 2007 after that I believe he retired.

What is 3 things Sammy Sosa accomplished?

Sammy Sosa first was a boy who was selling orange juice and shining shoes for cents to help his mother. When Sammy Sosa joined one of the baseball team,in his first full year (1993)as a club,Sosa slammed 33 home runs,knocked in 93 RBI's and was on his way to becoming an All-Star.In 1997,Sammy Sosa signed a four year,$42 million dollar contract. For 37 years, no one in the Major Leagues hit more home runs in a single season than Roger Maris when he hit 61 homers in 1961.Sammy Sosa did a lot of home runs and he is still one of the greastest. Well this is all I have to say.

Who is number 21 in Chicago Cubs team?

21 is currently worn by Joe Mather. It used to be worn by Sammy Sosa though

Why might some people dislike Sammy Sosa?

People that have reached big milestones often have people who dislike him. As Sammy Sosa crept up the all time home run list, people began to hate him, just because he is on another team and he is good.

What team did Sammy Sosa hit his 600 home run against?

Sosa, a member of the Texas Rangers on June 20, 2007, hit his 600th home run against his old ballclub, the Chicago Cubs.

Which major league baseball team traded Sammy Sosa?

Sammy Sosa was traded three times during his career: 1) Traded by the Texas Rangers to the Chicago White Sox in 1989. 2) Traded by the White Sox to the Chicago Cubs in 1992. 3) Traded by the Cubs to the Baltimore Orioles in 2005.

Who was the First batter to hit a home run against every major league team?

Sammy Sosa was the first batter to hit a home run against every Major league team

What team originally signed Sammy Sosa?

Texas RangersSammy Sosa was signed by the Texas Rangers as an amateur free agent in 1985. He made his major League Debut on June 16, 1989 with the Texas Rangers and after just 88 at bats was traded to the Chicago White Sox. Sammy played for the Rangers, White Sox, Cubs and Orioles from 1989-2007

How much is Sammy Sosafirst home run ball worth?

For the baseball to have any value as the first home run baseball hit by Sammy Sosa, you would need strong provenance showing that the baseball is in fact the home run ball hit by Sosa. A letter from a player, team, or league official would be acceptable. A letter from a fan at the game would hold little weight if any. When Sammy hit his first home run, he was a rookie, and the baseball would have not been documented as such unless the ball was returned to Sammy Sosa as a keepsake, and then if he decided to give the ball away as a gift or sell it, the chain of custody of the baseball would need to be documented. If the baseball has no provenance, it would be valued as a used baseball. If the baseball sits in Sammy Sosa's personal collection a value cannot be given as it was never sold at auction.

What team does Sammy Watkins play for?

Sammy Watkins plays for the Buffallo Bills.

What MLB team does Sammy Solis play for?

Sammy Solis plays for the Washington Nationals.

What NFL team does Sammy Seamster play for?

Sammy Seamster plays for the Baltimore Ravens.