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Q: What team did Micheal Jordan play on when he played baseball?
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What position did Micheal Jordan play when he played baseball?

he played point gard

What position did Michael Jordan play in Minor league baseball?

Micheal Jordan Played Right Field.

What team does Micheal Jordan play on?

he first played for Chicago but then he dicided to play baseball. he played for the whitesocks.then he played for the wisards.he ended his carrer at Chicago.

Did Micheal Jordan play baseball?


What sports did Micheal Jordan play as a kid?

He played baseball and a little basketball. hes dad pushed him more into baseball than basketball.

What is sports did Micheal Jordan play?

he played for the white sox

What team does Micheal Jordan played in 2008?

he didnt play in 2008

Did Micheal Jordan own and play for the Washington wizards?

Jordan played for the Wizards he is part owner of the Bobcats ...

When did Michael Jordan play for the Chicago Bulls?

Micheal Jordan played for the Bulls between 1984-1993 and 1995-1998.

What is Michael Jordan's interest?

During Micheal Jordan's childhood he loved to play baseball, as well as some basketball and football aside of it.

Why did Micheal Jordan go play baseball?

Because he wanted to do something else instead of baseball or other sports.Basketball was his life.

When did Micheal Jordan play for lthe a lakers?

He never played for the Lakers. He only played for the Bulls and the Wizards. never the lakers.

How many years did Micheal Jordan play in the nba?

Michael Jordan was drafted by the Chicago Bulls and played for the team almost his entire career. He played in the NBA for approximately 13 years.

How many team did Micheal Jordan play for?

he played with 2 teams his last two years heplayed with the wizards

Did Micheal Jordan play for the heat?

he played for the Miami Heat, the Chicago Bulls, and the Washington Wizards, so yes.

Who Micheal Jordan play for?

Bulls, Wizards

Did Micheal Jordan play for the Wizards?


Did Michael Jordan play Major League Baseball?

No Michael Jordan did not play major league baseball, he played for the White Sox minor league

What made Dwyane Wade want to play basketball?

it made him want to play b-ball ( basketball) becuase he wanted to grow up and be really famous. and he also wanted to follow after m. jordan ( micheal jordan) i am talking about the micheal jordan that lives right now not the micheal jordan from the past.

Did Michael Jordan play basketball or baseball first?

He played baseball 1st

How long did Michael Jordan Play Baseball?

Michael Jordan retired from basketball to play baseball in 1993. He played for two years and returned to basketball in 1995.

What year and what team did Micheal Jordan play wearing jersey?

Every Year He Played, And Every Team He Played On You retard! God Youre Stupid!

Who thought Micheal Jordan to play basketball?


How many sports did Micheal Jordan play?


What position does Micheal Jordan play?

shooting guard