What team did Lou Piniella win the World Series with?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes. He was the manager of the 1990 Cincinnati Reds team that swept the defending world champion Oakland A's in four games.

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1977 and 1978 as a player for the New York Yankees and 1990 as manager for the Cincinnati Reds.

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Q: What team did Lou Piniella win the World Series with?
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Who was the Cincinnati Reds manager when they won the World Series in 1990?

Lou Piniella. Piniella was manager of the Reds between 1990-1992.

What is Lou Piniella's birthday?

Lou Piniella was born on August 28, 1943.

When was Lou Piniella born?

Lou Piniella was born on August 28, 1943.

Is Lou Piniella Italian-American?

Lou Piniella is not Italian. Lou Piniella is Spanish American. His ancestors and I believe grandparents hail from Spain. After Italy won the World Cup, he was asked on Foxsports Radio is he was proud to be Italian on that day and he answered that he was Spanish and gave a brief backrgound.

How old is Lou Piniella?

Lou Piniella is 68 years old (birthdate: August 28, 1943).

Who were the managers in the 1990 World Series?

1990 World Series ManagersThe Cincinnati Reds manager was Lou Piniella, and the manger of the Oakland Athletics was Tony La Russa. The Reds Beat the Athletics 4 games to none in the 1990 World Series.

What year did Lou Piniella become manager of the Seattle Mariners?

Lou Piniella managed the Mariners between 1993-2002.

When and where was baseball player Lou Piniella born?

Lou Piniella was born August 28, 1943, in Tampa, FL, USA.

What position did Lou Piniella play for the New York Yankees?

Lou Piniella primarily played left field for the Yankees.

What nationality is Lou piniella?

He is Italian

What are the release dates for CenterStage - 2002 Lou Piniella?

CenterStage - 2002 Lou Piniella was released on: USA: 10 March 2012

What uniform number did Lou Piniella wear for the KC Royals?

Lou Piniella's tenure with the Royals was between 1969-1973. His uniform number was 9.