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The Houston Rockets won 2 championships in the 90's. Their championship seasons were 1994 and 1995. In 1994 they defeated the New York Nicks 4-3. The 1995 season is when they swept the Orlando Magic. I was wondering the same thing and found the information on their website:

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Q: What team did Houston rockets beat in 1996 for the NBA championship?
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Who did the Houston Rockets beat in the 1994-95 NBA Championship?

Orlando Magic

When did the Houston Rockets with their third championship?

They have only won two. The first was in 94 where Houston beat New York 4-3 The second was in 95 where Houston beat Orlando 4-0

Will the lakers beat Houston rockets?

not a chance

Who won the 1986 NBA Championship?

The Bostn Celtics beat the Houston Rockets 4-2 to win their 16th NBA title.

How many champion ship rings do the Houston rockets have?

2. They won the championship in 1994 and 1995. In 94 they beat the Knicks in 7, and in 95 they beat shaq and hardaway in a sweep.

Who did georgetown beat in the 1984 championship?


Who did The White Sox beat for the 2005 championship?

The Houston Astros

What team did the Houston Rockets beat in the 1994 NBA Finals?

The New York Knicks

What was the last time the rockets won the NBA championship?

The last time the Houston Rockets won an NBA championship was in 1995, when they swept Shaq and Anfernee Hardaway's Orlando Magic. Game 1, Nick Anderson missed four free throws, which was really the end of his career. This is when the Magic beat Jordan's bulls in the semifinals.

Who did Texas beat in the 1996 Big XII Championship?


Who played in the 1996 NCAA Basketball championship game?

Kentucky beat Syracuse 76-67 in the 1996 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game.

What teams did Larry bird beat in the nba finals?

Lakers once, Rockets twice.

Who did the Chicago Bulls beat in the 1996 NBA Championships?

The Chicago Bulls defeated The Seattle SuperSonics in the 1996 NBA Championship.

Who won 1995 NBA?

In the 1995 NBA Finals, the Houston Rockets beat the Orlando Magic 4 games to none. The MVP was Hakeem Olajuwon.

Who did the magics beat in the NBA finals?

The Magic have been to the NBA finals two times (1995 and 2009). They have never won a championship. In 1995, they lost all 4 games to the Houston Rockets and in 2009, they only won 1 game versus the Los Angeles Lakers.

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They went 14-2. The only losses were to the Los Angelos Rams and Houston Oilers. They beat the Oilers in the AFC championship game and went on to beat the Cowboys in the superbowl

Who won the 1995 NBA playoffs?

The Houston Rockets won the 1995 NBA playoffs. They beat the Orlando Magic four games to none in the NBA Finals.

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The Florida Gators beat the Florida State Seminoles 52-20.

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1996. They beat Alabama 45 to 30 in the SEC Championship and then beat Florida State 52 to 20 in the Sugar Bowl.

National Hockey Stanley Cup Championship in June 1996?

Colorado Avalanche beat the Florida Panthers 4 games to 0

The Houston Rockets beat the San Antonio Spurs 110 to 83 points how many points did both teams score all together?

110 + 83 = 193 points

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The Nebraska cornhuskers beat Florida for the 1995 national championship.

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Meath won the All-Ireland Football title in 1996, by beating Mayo in a replay. Wexford beat Limerick in the Hurling final.

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