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he doesnt have the single season rushing record he has the career rushing record and that was set against the seattle seahawks

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Q: What team did Emmett Smith set the single season rushing record against?
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Who holds Indianapolis Colts' single season rushing record?

Through the 2008 season, that is Edgerrin James with 1,709 rushing yards in the 2000 season.

Who holds the single season rushing records for NFL quarterbacks?

Michael Vick rushed for 1039 yards in the 2006 season to set the single season rushing record for quarterbacks.

What is the yearly record for rushing yards by an NFL quarterback?

The NFL record for most rushing yards in a single season by a quarterback is 1,039, set by then Atlanta star Michael Vick during the 2006 season.

Which Denver Broncos running back holds the record for most rushing yards in a regular season game?

Mike Anderson with 251 rushing yards against the New Orleans Saints on December 3, 2000.

Who held the single season rushing record before OJ simpson?

Jim Brown's 1,863 rushing yards in 1963 stood as the single-season record until O.J. Simpson gained 2,003 yards during the 1973 season.

How many rushing touchdowns did Steve Grogan score in a season?

Steve Grogan holds the NFL record for rushing TDs by a quarterback in a season with 12 in 1976. He scored 35 rushing TDs in his career.

LSU single season rushing record?

The LSU single season rushing record is held by Leonard Fournette, who rushed for 1,953 yards in the 2015 season. Fournette broke the previous record of 1,686 yards, set by Charles Alexander in 1978.

How many rushing touchdowns does cam newton have?

He has 13 rushing touchdowns through week 15 and broke the record for QB single season rushing tds

What is the regular season single game quarterback rushing record?

aaron rodgers

What is the professional single season rushing record for an individual player?

2105 yrads

Who holds the record for the most 100 yard rushing games in a season?


When did Eric Dickerson set the record for most rushing yds in a season?