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He always wanted to play for the Yankees because his grandparents took him to Yankees games as a kid.

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Q: What team did Derek Jeter want to play for as a kid?
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What team did Derek Jeter want to be on?

The New York Yankees

Why did the New York Yankees want Derek Jeter to be on the team?

Because Derek Jeter is the face of the Yankees franchise and the team captain. He is a true professional and has never brought bad publicity to the organization.

Why did Derek Jeter want to play baseball?

Because he watched his dad play baseball growing up and he wanted to be just like his dad.

What souvenir did Derek Jeter take from Yankee Stadium Did he ever say?

Derek Jeter took the sign that had the quote from Joe DiMaggio "I want to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee"

Where can you send a letter to Derek Jeter?

I don't think you would want to send something to Derek Jeter. Derek gets 10,000 envelopes of fan mail a week. I did hear that his email address for fan mail is

Why doesn't Derek Jeter have kids?

He might really want to wait until he is married first.

Why Derek Jeter love baseball?

hi im dereks cousin im trying to play a prank on him and i want everyone to blow up his phone with texts and calls 330 845 0560

Did Derek Jeter have any pets while growing up?

No he was afraid of animals then and now. its a long story, Derek Jeter had a dog when he was 10 but that dog was a bloodhound and it ate his hot dog or something so he didnt want to give it so then the dog attacked him

Who wears a sports jersey number four?

It's not Derek Jeter - he's # 2. #4 is the retired number of the Yankee great Lou Gehrig.AnswerDerek Jeter But if you want, you can be #4 your self! Just simple check out today!

Will the New York Yankees have Derek Jeter in 2011?

There is a good chance the Yankees will keep Derek Jeter. He's less than 100 hits from becoming the first Yankee ever to reach 3,000 hits. The contract negotiations are going to start soon and it's up to the Yankees how many years they want to offer him. I think the organization wants Derek to finish his career wearing the pinstripes.

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How do you get a card signed by Derek Jeter?

Derek Jeter Card SigningYou can buy one on eBay or find a reputable dealer online. If you want to get one signed in person you could try your luck at the ballpark before the game starts. Sometimes players will sign autographs at the player entrance of the stadium or on the side lines during batting practice. Do a search on line for an autograph signing to see if Jeter is signing at any memorabilia shows. This will cost you money but, luck will be taken out of the equation.

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