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Minnesota Twins. '97 - '02. Has been playing for the Sox from '03 on.

Also Mariners before Twins

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Q: What team did David Ortiz play before the red soxs?
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Which Boston Red Soxs player hit 2 home runs in one innings?

David Ortiz

When did Smoky Joe Williams play?

red soxs

When did Babe Ruth play with the Boston Red Soxs?

Babe Ruth played with the Boston Red Soxs between 1914 and 1920.

Did Pedro Martonez Play for the Boston Red Soxs?

No he didnt

What is the statium that the Chicago White Soxs play at?

US Cellular Field

What team did Jason bay play for before the red soxs?

He played briefly for the San Diego padres in 2003 and he played for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 2003-2008.

Are the Boston Red Soxs in the American League?

Yes they are they play in the American League East.

Who played for red soxs and white soxs in his career?

Carlton Fisk

What is the abreveation for i rox your soxs?

othe abbreviation for i rox your soxs is i rock your socks

What is the name of the Boston red soxs field?

The Boston Red Sox play their home games at Fenway Park.

What state are the red soxs from?


When were the Boston Red Soxs started?


Is it soxs or sox?

Sox Pronounced "socks"

Who are the braves rivals with?

Phillies, Mets/and Red Soxs

What where the red soxs called back then?

The Boston Americans

When did the Boston Red Soxs become a team?


Who is better white sox or cubs?

white soxs

Who is better Boston Red Soxs or Yankees?


What are the Chicage White Soxs colors?

black and white

Who plays catcher for the red soxs?

Jason Varitek (2009).

Who is number 25 in Boston Red Soxs?

mike Lowell

Who is number 14 on Boston Red Soxs?

Jim Rice

When was the Red Soxs team invented?

1901. Go sox!

What team did Babe Ruth play for when he hit his first major league home run?

the first home run babe Ruth hit in the majors was with the red soxs.

Why was curt shilling famous for?

He was a MLB pitcher for the diamonds and red soxs