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Q: What team did David Beckham support as a boy?
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Is David Beckham got asmer?

he was cought using hes puffer in the middle of the mach and he has had it since he was a little boy

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Is Brooklyn beckham a boy or girl?

a boy. they were the beckhams first child.

Who are the new management at Doncaster Rovers fc?

David Beckham kit manager Lionel Messi player manager Frank Lampard cleaner Harry Rednappp ball boy

What football team did john terry support as a boy?

Before Joining Chelsea at the age of 14, he supported Manchester United

Who was the king of israelites when david was a boy?

The king of the Israelites when David was a boy was King Saul. Before that, there were no kings in Israel.

Was David Archuleta a boy scout?

yes he was in a boy scout

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I think it is the boy or david.

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