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When Beckham was 16 he was drafted to the Manchester Youth Team.

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Q: What team did David Beckham play for when he was 16?
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How old was david beckham when he first played soccer?

He was 16 when he got signed to England International Team

How many medals did david beckham win?


When did David Beckham srart to play professional soccer?

i think either 15 16 or 17 years on at Manchester united

When did David Beckham become a famous soccer player?

== == when he was 16

What college did David Beckham attend?

He did not attend college bacause he was drafted for the Manchester Youth team when he was 16. In fact he also dropped out of High school.University of Phoenix, I think

How old must you be to play pro soccer?

I don't think there is an age limit but I do think you have to be at least 16, because David Beckham started playing for Manchester United at age 17. :) Hoped that helped!

What education did David Beckham have?

The UK's school system is different then the United States's system. Not everyone goes to college. David Beckham attended Chase Lane Primary School (aged 6-11), and Chingford Foundation School (aged 11-16). But David did not go to college.

Does David Beckham still play soccer?

No , he is awaiting surgery on his Achilles tendon. Article from CNN below is from May 16 2010. Sporting icon David Beckham has vowed to battle back to "full fitness" after having surgery to repair his ruptured Achilles tendon. The injury has shattered Beckham's hopes of playing for England in his fourth World Cup finals and left many to doubt that the former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder would ever play at the top level again.

What is Gordon Beckham's birthday?

Gordon Beckham was born on September 16, 1986.

When was Gordon Beckham born?

Gordon Beckham was born on September 16, 1986.

Can a 16 year old play on a Sr American legion Team?

Is a 16 year old boy eligible to play on a Sr. American Legion Baseball Team

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They each play 16 unless a team makes the playoffs.

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