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The Minnesota Twins were originally The Washington Senators.

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Q: What team became the Minnesota twins?
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When Did the Minnesota Twins become a team?

They became the Twins in 1961. Before that they were originaly the Washington Senators.

When did the Minnesota Twins become a baseball team?

The Washington Senators franchise (1901 -1960) moved to Minnesota, and became the Twins in 1961.

What is the home to the Minnesota Twins baseball team?

...The MINNESOTA Twins are from Minnesota...

What year did the Twins become a team?

The Washington Senators (1901 -1960) moved the franchise to Minnesota after the 1960 season, and became the Minnesota Twins in 1961.

What is the team salary for the Minnesota Twins?

The Minnesota Twins's 2014 team salary is $86465000, 21st in the MLB.

Who are the Twins?

The Twins are a professional baseball team from Minnesota.

What baseball team is Minnesota?


What is the Major League Baseball team from Minnesota?

The Minnesota Twins

Why do they call the Minnesota Twins the Twins?

Because the twins are the worst team in baseball.

When did the twins enter the MLB?

The Washington Senators moved their team to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and became the Minnesota Twins to start the 1961 season.

What state has the baseball team twins?


What team and location did the Minnesota Twins come from?

The original Washington Senators baseball team existed between 1901 -1960 then moved to Minnesota and became the Twins.Another Washington Senators team was established in 1961 to replace the franchise that moved to Minnesota. This Washington Senators team moved to Texas, and in 1972 became the Texas Rangers.

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