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The Seahawks, like every other NFL team, have an organized schedule, like so:

- 6 games against division rivals

- 4 games against an NFC division (rotates on a three year cycle)

- 4 games against an AFC division (rotates on a four year cycle)

- 2 games against NFC teams who finished in the same place in their division. These two teams come from the two divisions not including the Seahawks division and the NFC division who they are assigned that year.

Here is the Seahawks' 2010 schedule:


AUG 14 vs. Tennessee

AUG 21 vs. Green Bay

AUG 28 @ Minnesota

SEPT 2 @ Oakland


SEPT 12 vs. San Francisco

SEPT 19 @ Denver

SEPT 26 vs. San Diego

OCT 3 @ St. Louis


OCT 17 @ Chicago

OCT 24 vs. Arizona

OCT 31 @ Oakland

NOV 7 vs. NY Giants

NOV 14 @ Arizona

NOV 21 @ New Orleans

NOV 28 vs. Kansas City

DEC 5 vs. Carolina

DEC 12 @ San Francisco

DEC 19 vs. Atlanta

DEC 26 @ Tampa Bay

JAN 2 vs. St. Louis

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The Seahawks open the season in Buffalo against the Bills on Sunday, September 7.

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The Seahawks are playing the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday.

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Q: What team are the Seattle Seahawks playing this Sunday?
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