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I know it was a punter on West Virginia, but I'm not sure what year. Sorry.

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Q: What team and year was number 100 wore in college football?
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Which college football players wore number four?

Devin Hester

What was Forrest's number on the college football team?

Forest Gump played for the University of Alabama, under legendary coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, and he wore the number 44.

Who wore number 20 for the University of Michigan football team?

Mike Hart

Who wore number 94 for Miami hurricanes football team?

Dwayne Johnson

Who wore number 23 for the Michigan Wolverines Basketball team in the past?

Gerald Ford He played Football. Im looking for college basketball.

What famous college football player wore number 41?

Michael Irvin for the U

What was Adrian Peterson's college football jersey number?

AP wore # 28 for the Sooners.

Who wore number 15 for Indiana hoosiers football?

which football indiana hoosier football players wore number 15

How do you find out who wore a certain uniform number in college football?

Colleges' website or media guide.

Who wore Nebraska football jersey?

Nebraska football team

What number was Tom Brady in college?

Tom Brady wore jersey #10 for the Michigan Wolverines during his tenure in college football.

What number did rookie Aaron Rouse wear in college?

Aaron Rouse wore the number 36 during his football college career for the Virginia Tech Hokies.

What number did Curtis Martin wear on his college football jersey?

Curtis Martin wore jersey number '29', at the university of Pittsburgh.

Who wears the number 3 shirt for the Italian football team?

Palo maldini wore it , but he has retired now.

Who wore number 33 Notre Dame Football team?


What college football player wore number 44?

David Parris on the LSU tigers he was the starting wide receiver

What famous football player wore number 45?

college Archie griffen 2 time hiesman winner

What famous football players besides Brett Favre wore number 4?

patric viera and cesc fabregas of arsenal lol i wear number 4 for my football team

Who wore number ten in the seventies and eighties for the Oakland Raiders football team?

Chris Bahr (Kicker) wore #10 from 1980-88 for the Oakland Raiders.

Who is England football team squad number 10?

"Michael Owen wears the number 10 for England football." But Wayne Rooney wore the number against the Ukraine, why was this if it is Michael Owens?

Who wore number 6 jersey on Oklahoma University football team team year 1986?

Bernard Hall, Freshman Quarterback from Detroit,MI

Who wore the 24 for northwestern football team?

otto graham

Who in football wore number 23?


Who wore 2 jersey for Alabama football team in 1992?

#2 on the 1992 Alabama football team was "The Duece" David Palmer

What famous sports player wore number 38?

Brett Jones for the West Coast Eagles - An Australian Rules Football Team