What tactics does a wing defence need?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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speed (fast feet and hands) ,knowledge ,confidence , strength ,good eye for the ball and yeah... hope ive helped

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Q: What tactics does a wing defence need?
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When did Global Defence Force Tactics happen?

Global Defence Force Tactics happened in 2006.

When was Global Defence Force Tactics created?

Global Defence Force Tactics was created on 2006-07-25.

What the wing defence does n netball?

The wing defences (WD) job is to keep the wing attack out of the game, so that she cannot feed into the circle. The wing defence must stick tight to her player but also back up on the third line if the attack need help.

What is the motto of Airfield Defence Wing RAAF?

The motto of Airfield Defence Wing RAAF is 'Protect the Force'.

When was Botswana Defence Force Air Wing created?

Botswana Defence Force Air Wing was created in 1977.

What are the positions in netball?

Goal Attack, Goal Keep, Wing Attack, Wing Defence, Goal Shoot, Goal Defence, Centre.

How many attackers are there in netball?

Attack postions: Wing Attack Goal Attack Goal Shooter Defence Postions: Wing Defence Goal Defence Goal Keeper Other: Centre - Is attack and defence really :P

What does w.d do in netball?

firstly w.d stands for wing defence. A wing defence player is an important part of the team the wing defenses job is to defend the wing attack. NOT MAKING SENCE TO YOU . ok . the wing defence makes sure the ball does not go on the opponents side of the court. so mainly tries and gets the ball away from wing attack. hopefully that answers your question

How many players are there in a game of netball?

the are 7. goal attack. goal shoot. goal defence. goal keep. wing attack. wing defence. centre

What are the netball bibs?

GS= Goal Shoot GA= Goal Attack WA= Wing Attack C= Center WD= Wing Defence GD= Goal Defence GK= Goal Keeper

Where can the wing attack go in netball?

anywhere except for beyond the line to meet with their wing defence

How many players in a team?

7 is on court at once. centre wing attack wing defence goal attack goal defence goal shooter goal keeper