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Either the opposing strikers, mid fielders, defendants, or goalies.

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Q: What stops opposing players from scoring points in soccer?
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Who are the highest scoring soccer players?

Monica Pardou is the highest scoring soccer player. He is on the Brazilian national football team.

What does it mean for a soccer player to be trapped?

To be trapped in soccer is to be surrounded by opposing players with no teamates around you for you to pass to. Usually only two opposing players trap a person.

Does a goalie in soccer get two points for scoring on the other team?


How many points are given for a high scoring draw in soccer?


Who will get the points when they take out five soccer players on the team?

A team must consist of 7 players, if they don't (5 from one team sent off) The opposing team is awarded a 3-0 victory.

How does a team get 2 points in soccer?

By scoring 2 goals ! I hope that is what you meant !

What is the scoring system in soccer?

a soccer team scores when a player puts the ball in the opposing team's net with any part of their body except for the shoulder or lower

Soccer players get money when they score?

Sometimes, some players are on goal scoring bonuses, every goal they score they get a bonus.

What is the scoring on soccer?

You get one point per goal. Who ever has the most points wins.

Why do soccer players kiss their wrists after scoring a goal?

because, as maradona says, it is the hand of god to them

How many players are there in soccer?

In soccer, the sport is played with 11 players on each team. There might be more than 11 players if you count the substitute players that might participate later in the game. The players make an effort together to try to score on the opposing team.

Who is the highest scoring professional soccer player?

highes scoring soccer player

What has the author Frank McAvennie written?

Frank McAvennie has written: 'Scoring' -- subject(s): Biography, Soccer players

Soccer players bonuses for a goal?

Soccer players are some of the highest-paid athletes in the world, not only for the fixed sums they are paid each week but also because of various bonuses such as ones paid for scoring goals. However, the exact amounts in which they are paid depends on the individual players' contracts.

How is maths associated with soccer?


What is guidance discovery in soccer?


Name all the soccer players?

There are thousands of soccer players.

Why do soccer fans hate it when the opposing team parks the bus?

Soccer fans hate when the opposing team parks the bus because they fail to enjoy the attacking aspect of soccer.

Is soccer am some sort of sport?

Soccer is a sport that uses a single ball. there are 11 players per team on the fieald at one time, and the point is to kick the ball into the opposing teams net. Soccer AM however is a UK based talk show that has comedy surrounding soccer.

How do you win soccer?

Soccer is won by one team (there is two teams) scoring the most points. How you score points occurs by kicking or heading or hitting the ball with any part of your body besides your hands and getting the ball into the other teams net.

What are the most points that can be scored in a soccer match?

There is no maximum for professional leagues, but junior leagues may have scoring limits. This is completely dependent on your local league.

What is a hattrick in soccer?

One player scoring 3 goals in one game. Scoring 2 is a "bis", scoring 4 is a "poker", scoring 5 is a "manita".

What is a related careers for a soccer player?

some soccer players are called professional soccer players

Why do soccer players hate the term soccer?

Soccer/football players hate the term soccer as the correct and origanal name of the sport is football.However in America is called soccer as they have American football this is why the term soccer is disliked by the players

Who runs more soccer players or basketball players?

soccer players because they have a bigger field

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