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Q: What stl cardinals player wore the number 55?
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What letters are on a cardinals cap?

stl (Saint Louis Cardinals)

Who is Albert puhols?

a batter for the stl cardinals

What is the nickname for the St. Louis Cardinals?

the redbirds

How much does the St. Louis Cardinals mascot make?

You can find a list of the current player salaries at

Where can one purchase STL cards?

STL cards stands for Saint Lewis Cardinal cards. These are available to be purchased online directly from the official website of the Saint Lewis Cardinals.

What is the phone number of the Landmarks Association Of Stl in Saint Louis Missouri?

The phone number of the Landmarks Association Of Stl is: 314-421-6474.

Did the stl cardinals win?

Yes they did, they beat them one-zero Whoop Whoop! were moving on!

Does jimmy hill of the Saint Louis cardinals reside in Saint Louis?

Yes Mr. Hill does live in STL

What does Stl mean in basketball stats?

the player stole the basketball from another player while they were dribbling

What year did the interlocking StLlogo appear on the cardinal's uniform?

The primary logo for the Cardinals, starting in 1900 when they changed their name from Perfectos to Cardinals and running through 1919, was the interlocking 'StL'. Click on the 'Cardinals Logo' link below to see a picture of the logo.

How many Major League Baseball teams are located in Missouri?

Two, the St. Louis Cardinals of the National League and Kansas City Royals of the American League.

What is the first line in an stl file?

The first line in an STL file is a line that is in relation to the file formatting of an STL file. STL files are based on the stereolithoscopy system.