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The first soccer game was played in London in England.

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Q: What state in England was the first game of soccer played?
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Where did polo start?

England A Total Misconception Polo was not played first in England. It was first played in a north-eastern state of India, Manipur.

What state or country was soccer made?


What state or country was this soccer made in?


What state was the first intercollegiate soccer game held?

the first first intercollegiate soccer game was held in new yersey.

Why did Mia Hamm become a soccer player?

Mia Hamm became a soccer player because she just took in a love for it. At age 5 she played on her first team but by age 13 becomes a Texas all- state selection!

Which New England state was part of the US first?

Connecticut was the first New England state to join the Union. It was the 5th state to join the Union overall.

Is soccer played in the state of Washington?

Washington has an MLS team, the Seattle Sounders.

When and where soccer began?

Soccer was alledgedly started in England in 1853. The story of how it started is still unknown. Others would argue the story it started in England but English sailors went to Brazil and played a football match between them and a few people who were on the piece of land where they docked.After the match the sailors gave the ball to the people on the Island. PS.I am not EnglishAnswerSoccer is one form of football the history of which is well documented. I can state with absolute certainty that the 'Laws of the game' for 'Association football' also known as 'Soccer' were wrote by a man called Ebenezer C. Morley the first secretary of the newly formed Football Association in 1863. Before this year the word Soccer did not even exist.

In which state was lacrosse first played?

Lacrosse was first played by Indians... there were no states back then find which Indians first played it then find the region in which the Indians lived then estimate which state it is

In which state FIFA will set up soccer academy for the first time in India?


What was the First state to break from England?

South Carolina!

The first explorers of the region that is now New York state were in the service of England and Sweden?

England and the Netherlands.

Which New England state was first admitted into the US?


New Hampshire was the first State to what?

Declare its independence from England.

What is the worlds favorite sport?

Most people would think soccer, but because not everyone in say England follows soccer, it can't be cateorized as the worlds favourite sport, So which in turn you cant state which sport is the worlds favourite sportSOCCERred

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He played soccer at a state level when he was younger, but then decided to focus more on music instead

First state to break from England?

so yeah uh huh

What state holds England's first permanent settlement?

i think massachusettes

Were governors of the 13 colonies chosen by the colonist or king of England?

The First governors of each state were appointed by the King of England.

Football is invented by who?

The first modern documented evidence of soccer rules can be found in the rules laid down at England's Trinity College at Cambridge in 1848. The rules were known as the 'Cambridge Rules' back in the day. Hence in that sense it is pertinent to state that football was invented by the representatives of various universities across the UK, namely Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Shrewsbury, and Winchester. The first formal association to govern soccer was also born in England, in 1863. In that year, the Football Association (The FA) was formed to govern all the rules and solve any football related disputes arising in the UK. Today, the FA is still the highest authority governing football in England.

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He promoted Christianity and reading in England, making it a bastion of Christianity and learning (largely confined to the monasteries). He created the first powerful, real state in England, laying the foundation for the state of England.

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I was first called England when the Angles took over my land. It became "Angle-land." England is just short for that. I was made a unified state under that name in the year 927.

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What state first played football?