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Q: What state has the most championships in the last ten years Michigan or Texas?
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Who had more national basketball championships Michigan or Michigan State what years did they win it?

Michigan has never won, they have only made it to the natinal championship game. Michigan State won in 1979 and 2000

The top ten college produced most nfl players in last twenty years?

Usc, texas, notre dame, Ohio state, Michigan, Florida, Florida state, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Penn state

For the last 10 years what is the football score between Michigan and Michigan State?

2004- MICHIGAN 45 Michigan state 38 2003- MICHIGAN 27 Michigan state 20 2002- MICHIGAN 49 Michigan state 3 2001- Michigan 24 MICHIGAN STATE 26 2000- MICHIGAN 14 Michigan state 0 1999- Michigan 31 MICHIGAN STATE 34 1998- MICHIGAN 29 Michigan state 17 1997- MICHIGAN 23 Michigan state 7 1996- MICHIGAN 45 Michigan state 29 1995- Michigan 25 MICHIGAN STATE 28

Rosebowl winners last ten years?

2008 USC over Illinois 2007 USC over Michigan 2006 Texas over USC 2005 Texas over Michigan 2004 USC over Michigan 2003 Oklahoma over Washington State 2002 Miami over Nebraska 2001 Washington over Purdue 2000 Wisconsin over Stanford 1999 Wisconsin over UCLA 1998 Michigan over Washington State

What years did Florida State compete in the national football championships?

1993 and 1999

Who has played in more national championships in 10 years?

THE Ohio State Buckeyes

Which is a better team in your opinion Ohio State or Michigan?

Although a Michigan fan, in the past years, Ohio State has been better.

How long is a term for a governor of the state of Michigan?

The term for Michigan Governor is 4 years.

When was the last time Michigan State beat Michigan 3 straight years in football?


When was the last time Michigan beat Michigan state 4 straight years in football?


What is the statutes of limitations for embezzlement in Michigan?

Check the Official Annotated Code for that state.

Who has a better football record over the past thirty years Ohio state or Michigan?

michigan has the better record