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Q: What state has produced the most NFL players all time?
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What college has produced the most nfl players all time?

Penn state

Which college team has produced the most nba players all time?

north carolina

What state produces the most hockey players?

Minnesota does, and it really isn't all that close. Minnesota has the most registered youth hockey players (53,450 in 2010. Next closest was Michigan with 51,404 registered youth players), produces the most Division 1 hockey players (currently 326 players, or 20.36% of all D1 players. Next closest is Massachusetts with 14.81%), and produces the most pro hockey players (Minnesota has produced 216 players all-time. Massachusetts is next closest with 168). This is why Minnesota is known as the "State of Hockey".

What college has produced the most players in Major League Baseball?

According to Baseball Almanac, as of May 2015, USC still leads all-time with 109 MLB players. UT Austin is second with 105, and Arizona State has 103.

Which high school football program has produced the most NFL players all time?

Glades central high

What state produce the most baseball players in the Major League Baseball?

The State of California, not Georgia. Georgia is 4th but has only produced one third as many current players as Texas who is 2nd. California has over TWICE as many current MLB players as Texas and about 7 times as many players as Georgia If you are talking all time California is #1, Georgia is #14

Which conference boasts the most NFL players all time?

Which conference boasts the most nfl players all time?

Which US college produced the most professional athletes?

Notre Dame with 462 players including one of the best quarterbacks of all time Joe Montana

What college produced most nfl players?

USC recently surpassed Notre Dame as the school with the all-time most players picked up in the NFL draft. Schools with over 300 players drafted: USC - 477 Notre Dame - 467 Ohio State - 399 Oklahoma - 350 Nebraska - 341 Michigan - 337 Tennessee - 329 Texas - 326 Penn State - 325 Miami (FL) - 307 Florida - 302 source:

College with most nfl players all time?


How many players are there in futsal?

In futsal, there are ten players on the pitch at a time. (five a side) In most leagues you can have a total of 18 players on a roster.

Who are the most famous Boston Celtics players of all time?


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