What state do the marlins play?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: What state do the marlins play?
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What stadium do the Marlins play at?

Marlins Park.

What league do the Florida Marlins play in?

The name of the Major League Baseball team that plays in Miami, Florida is the Miami Marlins.

Where do the Florida Marlins play?

The Florida Marlins play their home games at Sun Life Stadium. It is located in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Is Dan Uggla staying on the Florida Marlins?

Dan Uggla will play for the Florida Marlins in 2010.

What city does the marlins play in?

The Marlins' home city is Miami. They play at the hideously-unsuitable-for-baseball Dolphin Stadium, but they're seeking state financing help for a new ballpark to be built within the city limits of Miami.

What city do the marlins play?

new zealand

Will the Florida Marlins play the New York Yankees in 2011?

No. In 2011, the Florida Marlins and New York Yankees are not scheduled to meet during interleague play.

Where do marlins play in the preseason?

The Marlins share Roger Dean Stadium with the St. Louis Cardinals in Jupiter, Florida

What hotel do the reds stay at when they play the Florida Marlins?

the amaro

What position does Nathan Eovaldi play?

Nathan Eovaldi plays for the Miami Marlins.

What position does Marcell Ozuna play?

Marcell Ozuna plays for the Miami Marlins.

When and where did baseball player Steve Ames play?

Steve Ames debuted on July 30, 2013, playing for the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park; he played his final game on August 11, 2013, playing for the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park.