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North Carolina, in Charlotte.

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Q: What state do the Carolina panthers represent?
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Are the Panthers from South Carolina or North Carolina?

The Carolina Panthers are from Charlotte North Carolina.

Are the Carolina panthers from north or South Carolina?

The panthers are named the "Carolina Panthers" Not claiming a specific relation to either state, but their stadium is in Charlotte, NC.

What three NFL teams are named after their state?

The only one that comes close is the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers' founders said they wanted their team to be for both North Carolina and South Carolina, and it wouldn't have been if they'd have named it the Charlotte Panthers.

What state dose the Carolina Panthers play for?

Two states - North and South Carolina.

What do the Carolina Panthers color mean?

The black which is the main color of a black leopard or (panther) is supposed to signify the panthers main color, the silver trim the panthers have is to show the same silver tint a panther has in the light and the Carolina blue is to represent the carolinas. the panthers icon is also the shape of North and South Carolina conjoined if you look at it just right.

What state is the NFL Carolina Panthers located?

North CarolinaThe Carolina Panthers play in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What nfl team is cam newton on?

auburn tigers

How many NFL teams are not named after a city or state?

There are 3 NFL teams whose names purport them to represent an entire state rather than a city: Arizona Cardinals Minnesota Vikings Tennessee Titans In addition, there is 2 more teams that do not represent either a city or a single state, but a region. Carolina Panthers New England Patriots In addition, there is 1 more team that does not represent either a city or a single state, but a body of water Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What is Greg Hardy's number on the Carolina Panthers?

Cam Newton is number 1 on the Carolina Panthers.

What is Ryan Kalil's number on the Carolina Panthers?

Luke Kuechly is number 59 on the Carolina Panthers.

What is Thomas Davis's number on the Carolina Panthers?

Josh Thomas is number 22 on the Carolina Panthers.

What teams have are named after state?

The Arizona Cardinals, the Carolina Panthers (who are based in North Carolina), the Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans.