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The Baltimore Orioles are from Maryland.

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Baltimore, Maryland

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Q: What state do the Baltimore Orioles come from?
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What state does Baltimore Orioles play in?

Baltimore is in the state of Maryland.

What state does the orioles play?

Baltimore, Maryland

What city and state associatedwhit birds the orioles and the ravens?


Where did orioles play baseball at camden yards in the state?

Baltimore Maryland

When were the Baltimore Orioles established?

The Baltimore Orioles were established in 1901.

What is the Official state bird of the US State of Maryland?

Oriole (Icterus galbula) as in Baltimore Orioles.

What state is Baltimore Oriole's American league baseball team?

The orioles are in Baltimore, Maryland. They are in the American League East.

What is a 1968 Baltimore Orioles photo pennant worth?

baltimore orioles is worth

What is the name of the state you would be in if you were watching the Baltimore Orioles play a home game?


What year did the Baltimore Orioles start playing in Baltimore?

The Orioles started playing in Baltimore in 1954 at Memorial Stadium.

What is Baltimore Orioles region?

Baltimore, Maryland

Where do Baltimore Orioles birds belong?