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In 1960, the Los Angeles Lakers moved from the state of Minnesota. They were previously known as the Minnesota Lakers.

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Q: What state did the Los Angeles Lakers move to from Los Angeles in 1960?
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When did the Lakers move to Los Angeles?


What year did the Lakers move to Los Angeles?

The Lakers moved to Los Angeles from Minnesota for the 1960 season.

In 1960 the Lakers moved to Los Angeles Where did they move from?


Where did the lakers move from when they move to los angeles?


When did the Minneapolis lakers move to LA?


What city did the lakers move from to Los Angeles?


When did the LA lakers move to LA?

== == They moved in 1960.

Did the lakers move to Los Angeles before the Clippers?


Why did Los Angeles choose the name for their NBA team?

Well because the Lakers are originally from Minneapolis (1947), which holds thousands of lakes throughout its land mass, the name Lakers was chosen as way to represent the geography of the state. The team did not move to LA until 1960.Before they moved to Los Angeles, the Lakers used to play in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minnesota is also known as "The Land of 10,000 Lakes", so the team decided to be named after the state's nickname.

Why did the lakers move to los Angeles?

Major League Baseball's Dodgers had moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958 and had become a huge financial success. Lakers owner Bob Short, a shrewd young businessman from Minneapolis who had owned the franchise for two years, packed up the club and moved it to Los Angeles before the 1960-61 season.

How many championships do the Lakers have?

As a franchise the Lakers have 16 NBA titles (championships). The Los Angeles Lakers won 11 titles. Before the move to L.A. the Minneapolis Lakers won 5 titles.

Why did the Lakers move to LA?

Minnesota Lakers owner Bob Short saw the massive success of the Brooklyn Dodger's move to Los Angeles in 1958. He decided to take his team to LA for the same reason.

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