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The Cincinnati Red Stockings got their name because the main feature of their uniform was long red stockings. This was a novelty added by founding member George B. Ellard.

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Q: What state are the Cincinnati red stockings from?
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Where were the Cincinnati red stockings formed?

In Cincinnati....

Where were Cincinnati Red Stockings established?

The Red Stockings were established in 1869.

Is it true the first team of professional baseball players was the Cincinnati red stockings?

Yes. The 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings

What was the Cincinnati Reds original nickname?

The current Cincinnati Reds franchise began play in the American Association in 1882 as the Cincinnati Red Stockings.

Who founded the Cincinnati Red Stockings?

The Cincinnati Red Stockings were founded in the law office of Alfred Goshorn in 1866. Click on the 'History of the Cincinnati Red Stockings' link on this page to read about the beginnings of the first all professional baseball team.

Home of the Red Stockings baseball's oldest professional team?

Cincinnati, OH is the home of the Cincinnati Reds, formerly known as the Red Stockings.

When were the Cincinnati Red Stockings formed?


What was the name of the first professional baseball team that toured the country?

The first professional baseball team was the Cinncinatti Red Stockings, now known as the Reds. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Cincinnati Red Stockings moved to Boston and became the Boston Red Stockings. They were a charter member of the first major league, the National Association in 1871. When the NA folded after the 1875 season, the National League came into existence and the Red Stockings became the Red Caps. The original Cincinnati Red Stockings of 1869 are the Atlanta Braves of today.

Who did the Cincinnati red stockings play for their first game in 1869?

on 1869 the red stockings were the first team to play...

Who was the coach of the Cincinnati red stockings?

The 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings, the first professional baseball team in the U.S., were managed by Harry Wright who was also their center fielder.

Where did the name Cincinnati Reds come from?

The Cincinnati Reds' first nickname was the Cincinnati Redlegs.

When were the Cincinnati Red Stockings founded?

The Cincinatti Red Stockings were originally part of the Cincinnati Base Ball Club (yes it is spelled this way on purpose) in 1866. The Cincinnati Red Stockings (also known as the Reds) began playing professional baseball with the National League starting in 1881.