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Q: What state are most college football players from?
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What state has the most college football players drafted into the nfl?


What is the percentage of black college football players in 2010?

Quarterbacks, Punters and a few lineman. Most college football players are black. Most of the white players are too buzy getting an education.

What single college football game had the most future NFL players?

the 1993 Florida State v. Miami game

What is the average education level of American football players?

I have to assume that you are talking about NFL professional players. Since most of them come from college football teams, most have a college education.

What college currently has the most pro football players from it?

the U

What college football program has the most players in the playoffs?


Do you need to play college football to be in the NFL?

No, but most players do.

What college football team has the most active professional football players?

Alabama in 2011 and 2012.

What states contribute to the most college football players?

Louisiana and California

What College Football Coach has the most players drafted to the NFL?


What college football team has most players in NFL 2011?


Which college football team has the most players drafted in 2009?

The University of Southern California with 11 players.