What stadium do the chargers play at?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Qualcomm Stadium

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Q: What stadium do the chargers play at?
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What is the official name of the home stadium the San Diego Chargers play in?

The official name of the home stadium the San Diego Chargers play in is called Qualcomm Stadium. One can find this information in the official Wikipedia website.

What kind of turf does the San Diego Chargers play on?

The San Diego Charger's home field, Qualcomm Stadium, is a grass field.

Where can you buy a chargers firefighter helmet?

try their team shop at their Quatrom Stadium! Go Chargers!

Why is the chargers stadium named Qualcomm?

Because Qualcomm Inc. paid for the rights to name the stadium.

How many seats are in the chargers stadium?

111,000 seats to be exact.

Should the chargers move their stadium?

Yes, because it was built in 1967.

When will Super Bowl be held at chargers stadium?

No one knows when the Superbowl will be played there.

Home ground of deccan chargers in Indian premier league?

D.Y.Patil Stadium

What position does Kurt Warner play for the chargers?

Kurt warner never played for the chargers but he did play quarterback for the rams and the cardinals

Who does Ladanian Tomlinson play for?

The Chargers

What state do the Chargers play for?

The Chargers represent the city of San Diego which is in the state of California.

Where is the field for the San Diego Chargers?

It is in San Diego, California, and it's called Qualcomm Stadium.