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I think you may be refering to the 60 meter dash. Maurice Greene holds the record with a time of 6.39 seconds.

Here is a video of his 60 meter dash:

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Q: What sprinter ran the fastest 60 yard dash?
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Who ran fastest 40 yard dash?

Chris Johnson

Who ran the 40 yard dash the fastest?

Chris Johnson of the titans. he ran a 4.24

Who in the nfl ran the fastest 40 yard dash?

Chris Johnson, who ran a 4.24

Fastest lineman 40 yard dash?

Terron Armstead ran a 4.65 40 yard dash at the 2013 combine.

What is the fastest NFL 40 yard dash?

Chris Johnson at the 2008 NFL combine ran the 40-Yard Dash in 4.24

Who ran the fastest 40 yard dash?

4.24 By Chris Johnson. This is the fastest most accurate time.

Worlds fastest 40 yard dash?

In 1986, Bo Jackson ran the fastest with 4.12 seconds.

Who has the fastest 40 yard dash time ever recorded?

Bo Jackson ran a 4.12 but it was not electronically timed and therfore could not be verified. Chris Johnson ran a 4.24 at the NFL Combine: The fastest electronically timed 40 yard dash.

Who has the fastest 40 yard dash?

The fastest NFL 40 yard dash ever at the combine (rookie evaluation) was Chris Johnson from the Tennessee Titans. He ran 4.24 in 2008

Who is the world's fastest runner in the 60-yard dash?

Herb Washington of Michigan State ran 5.8 hand timed in 1974. He was a sprinter on the MSU track team running the indoor 60 yard dash. He later went on to play for the Oakland A's as a base runner, where he never lived up to his fame.

What was Dwight freeny's fastest time in 40 yard dash?

Freeney ran a 4.48 40-yard dash at the 2002 NFL Scouting Combine.

Who ran the fastest 40 yd dash time in NFL history?

I think Rondel Melendez ran the fasted 40 yard dash time. In 1999 he ran a 4.23 in the 40 yd dash.

Who ran the fastest 40 yard dash in the NFL in 2006?

Reggie Bush. 4.32

Who ran fastest Top 10 100 yard dash NFL?

darrell green

What is the fastest forty yard dash for NFL?

bo jackson hes not on the 40 yard dash list but he ran it in 4.12 seconds and im not even joking.

What is DeAngelo Hall's fastest time in the forty yard dash?

Hall ran a 4.15 second 40 yard dash indoors and a 4.37 outdoors while in school at Virginia Tech.

What is the fastest time ever ran in the forty yard dash?

bo jackson bo jackson

What is the fastest forty yard dash time ran by a football player?

Devin Hester 4.01

Fastest NFL combine speed?

The fastest speed at the NFL combine was Chris Johnson when he ran a 4.24 in the forty yard dash

Who runs the fastest 40 yard dash in the NFL?

The fastest official electric time was Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans who ran a 4.24.

What is the fastest 40 yard dash for a 10 year old?

My son is ten and ran it in 4.78 seconds

What is the fastest 60 yard dash time in baseball?

Justin Upton ran a 6.15 in high school

What is the fastest 40 yard dash in the world?

Zack Dehler from St. Joseph, Minnesota ran it in 3.9670

What was Emmitt Smith's fastest 40 yard dash time?


How fast was Chris Johnson run in the 40 yard dash?

He ran a 4.24 the fastest time for a running back