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Bobsleding, Lusing , different ski events/challenges, speed skating, figure skating

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Q: What sports were played in the winter Olympic sports?
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Why do you have a summer and a winter olympic games?

Not all the sports in the summer games can be played in the winter games, and vice verse.

What is the number of winter olympic sports?


Can you name three summer and winter Olympic sports?

Summer Olympic Sports- Beach Volleyball, Track and Field, and different swimming events. Winter Olympic Sports- Hockey, Figure Skating, and Bobsledding

How many winter olympic sports are there?

there are 20 winter sport games.

What are the games from the Olympic games?

for summer Olympics and for winter Olympics

What olympic sports start with F?

Figure skating and freestyle skiing are winter Olympic sports. Fencing is a summer Olympic sport.

Most popular winter olympic sports?


What winter olympic sports are austria good at?


What are two winter olympic sports?

Bobsleighing and Skiing

Where is the Olympic And Winter Sports Museum in Hugo Oklahoma located?

The address of the Olympic And Winter Sports Museum is: 603 W Jackson, Hugo, OK 74743

What kind of sports were played in Sparta?

Spartans played Olympic Sports

Winter olympic sports?

skiing, bobsledding, luge, hockey

What are the most recent Olympic sports?

Vancouver winter Olympics

What are 3 olympic winter sports?

Snowboarding hockey skiing

What sport will debut at the 2018 winter olympic?

No sports will be added in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

How the Olympic sports are played?


How much Olympic sports are played in the Olympics?

36 sports

What are the most popular winter Olympic sports?

Freestyle Skiing - Aerials

How many sports were represented in the first winter olympic games?


What sports are Norway compiting in at 2010 olympic winter games?


What sports has a long program as part of the winter Olympic?

figure skating

What are winter and summer sports?

Winter sports are those played during the winter season and summer sports are played during the summer. Winter sports include things such as snow sports and wrestling Summer sports include things such as track and field.

How many sports in the olympic games?

There are two types of Olympic games, each with its own set of sports. There are 29 sports in the summer games and 15 in the winter games.

When was the first winter olympic played?

in 1924

How many Olympic sports will be played?