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Baseball,football,Basketball,ping pong, Badminton the most popular,criket second most popular

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Q: What sports were played in the 1900s and today?
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What are sports of the early 1900s?

Sports of the early 1900s in the United States were similar to sports today. Football and baseball were dominant. Golf and tennis were played recreationally as well as professionally. Basketball, hockey, and soccer were known but much less important.

What sports were played in 1968?

All the same sports that are played today.

What effect did sports have on history in the 1800s and early 1900s?

The effects were great. It kept people off the streets and kept them on the field. The sports of 1900 were great and they are still around today and a lot of people play them, so obviously people liked them and still do today.

What type of sports was played in 1999 and 2000?

all of the same sports today you did not know that

What are the oldest sports still played today?


Did women play sports in the Victorian era?

Middle class women in the victorian era played lawn tennis and it was popular. Women didnt usually play sport in era, especially if they were'nt in the middle class, only men played sports. Men played mob football and then different sports throughout the years. women gradually started to play sports around the 1900s.

What are all the sports that originated from Mexico?

Mexico invented two sports. One of them is the Mesoamerican ball game, a form of which is still played today. The other is the charreada, a type of rodeo played today in Mexico.

What sports did people play in the 1960s?

The same sports played in 1960 are played today. Although 50 years seems like a long time ago, it's really not (sports-wise).

Is sports today are they still played right?

Be more specific!?! what are you talking about!?!

What has changed between sports today and sports in the 1800s?

well in the 1800s lots more people around the world played sports because they didnt have technology we have today. they had no television, no computers, and no ipods so playing sports was the oly way of having fun

What are the top 3 sports played in Egypt today?

Wrestling, Javelin throw, and swimming

What sports did the Ancient Greeks play that are still played today?

They still have foot races.

What was the rock's like in the 1900s?

The same as today and before the 1900s, hard and stony, hot in sun and cold otherwise.

What sports are played in Greece today?

Olympic games , soccer ,volley balll, and cross country

What are sports played in Egypt today?

they don't play games.. they eat maccas all day.

How have sports changed since ancient Athens?

Many sports have changed since the ancient Athens but the sport that is still played today from the Athens is basketball. Believe it or not, a similar sport to basketball was played during the Athens.

What sports were there in 1900s?

well who ever asked this it is football and greek wrestling that was a fight to the death

What were some of the games and sports that the incas played?

hi my name is desha and the answer to the ? is they played were normal sports that we play today and those are soccer and im sure only some of you play lacross those are the 2 main ones

What sports were played in the 70's?

Basically, most of the same ones as today, except for the EXTREME ones and snowboarding and skateboarding. Some sports that were played. Baseball was a huge favorite American pasttime. Other sports included boxing, tennis, football, golf, swimming and polo.

How much would 350.00 in the 1900s be worth today?


What was the price of lifesavers candy in the 1900s?

Cheaper than today.

What sports did Beethoven play?

There is no evidence to suggest that Beethoven played any sports, although sport wasn't such a big part of society then as it is today, so it's hardly surprising.

What did Delaware colonists do for fun?

They had religious ceremonies, I think.HI. This is Trisscar_Swordsmaid. You are partly right. They did have religious ceremonies, but those could not be called fun. They hunted and told stories, and sometimes sang and played sports for fun. Kids played games that are similar to sports and games played today.

What is 1000 dollars in the 1900s worth today or vise-versa?

About $5,000

How do amenities in the early 1900s compare with what hotels offer today?