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The ones that were invented

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Q: What sports were played during the time period between slavery and the civil war?
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What is the difference between during and for?

'During' denotes a general period of time....For example..I played the guitar during my lunch time which could me for 20 mins or 1 hour. 'For' denotes a specific period of time. For example I played the guitar for 30 mins.

Describe the role Samuel adems played during the conflict between Britain and the English colonies?

Slavery sike nah im bored and i need the answer to this question.

What sports were played during the Victorian period?

the most famous was cricket though baseball was gaining gradual popularity during the period.

What music is played during the holi period?

Heavy metal

What kind of people are abolish people?

Abolitionists were people who sought to end slavery. They mainly played a role during the movement Abolitionism where they used many means to stop slavery.

During the baroque period sonata was used for musical works to be?


What role have animals played during early man period?


Sports played during the renaissance period?

Jousting Tournaments were popular back then. Thts correct. and they had turnies where they played tennis and criket

Explain how sectionalism played an important role in party politics during at least one period of American history?

When traditional Republican support was divided between Taft and Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson was able to capture the presidency.

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what movies played in the 1930

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Coco Chanel played a huge role during this time period. She continued to design since 1915 having appearences throught the 30s Coco Chanel played a huge role during this time period. She continued to design since 1915 having appearences throught the 30s

What was the main reason that there was more slaves in the south than in the north?

The Northern economy was industrialized. The southern economy was agrarian and there was very little mechanized machinery. Even when some mechanization was available it was still cheaper to use slave labor, thus increasing profit margins. Of course the differences in attitude and social acceptability and social morays, between the North and South played a roll in how acceptable slavery was during that time period.

Which of these played a part in the increase in slavery?

The Cotton Gin

Did the Gettysburg address have anything to do with the ending of slavery?

Yes, it played a big role in the ending of slavery.

How many people played kelly palmer on king of queens?

Kelly Palmer was played by Merrin Dungey from 1998 - 2007. Merrin appeared in 38 episodes during this period.

During the baroque period the term cantata was used for musical works to be sung while sonata was used for what musical work?


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Randy Moss played for the Minnesota Vikings from 1998 - 2004. During that period, the Vikings had an overall regular season record of 64-48. The Vikings made the playoffs 4 times between 1998 and 2004, and had an overall record of 4-4 in post season play.

Who played the major role in slavery?

abraham lincoln

What was the general feeling towards plays during the Elizabethan period of time?

the general feeling was the feeling of your mom geting played with last night

Why did the northerners oppose slavery?

Most Northerners were against slavery on moral and religious grounds. Unlike the radical abolitionist, however, Northerners were not rabid about abolishing it in the South. They did, however, believe that an expansion of slavery into the US western territories would be an error.In the context of the times, Most Northerners were born when slavery had all but abolished in the North. The ordinary Southern citizen was born into a slave society. These factors played a role in the sectional rift between the North and the South.

Who worked to abolish slavery in England in the 1800s?

William Wilberforce played a significant role in the abolishment of slavery in England during the 1800s. He created petitions signed by hundreds of thousands of brits who believed in the abolishment of slavery, this petition was monumental in Wilberforce's success. Women also helped the abolishment of slavery in England. They worked a long side Wilberforce encouraging him to continue his work and demand more rights for these slaves. These women were the people who made the abolishment of slavery happen as fast as it did because they weren't content with "gradual abolition" which is what the house of commons granted Wilberforce.

What sports were played during the renaissance period?

they had football, tennis, baseball, pole vaulting, basketball and other sports like biking, beach volleyball

What is the difference between sport played today and during ancient times?

I guess better equipment and uniforms :)

Which was the popular instrement used in African slavery and how was it played?


What were some of Abraham Lincolns Accomplishments?

Abraham Lincoln is best known for the crucial role he played in the abolition of slavery in the United States. He also managed to keep the country unified during the Civil War.