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Baseball and Football.

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Q: What sports were invented in AD?
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Was the spectroscope invented in AD or BC?


Was volleyball invented in BC or AD?

So long after the AD time that there is no AD in front or after it.

When was the Japanese language invented?

It was invented in the 9th century ad.

When was the Chinese repeating crossbow invented?

It was invented in 341 Ad

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Diophantus invented the exponet in 3 AD.

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It was invented in 105 AD:) Hope this helps!

When did paper get invented?

105 AD

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1845 ad

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The Romans invented it in 46 ad.

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well it was invented in ad 534

What year was the flail invented?

It was Invented in 1486.answer2 it was not. Ever heard of the middle ages? it was somewhere between 400 AD and 1300 AD

Famous sports played in Mexico?

what are sports that Mexico invented