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Q: What sports uses static or friction?
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How does static friction play a role in different sports?

action and reaction, the ball moves with force, it stops with friction .

Which friction is greater sliding friction or static friction?

Static friction

Is static friction the same as starting friction?

Yes, look at "what is static friction?" Static friction is also known as starting friction.

What is the type of friction you observe when you push furniture that cannot move?

That is called static friction.

What is more sliding friction or static friction?

static friction is higher in most cases, if you're talking about the coefficient of static or kinetic friction

What are the 2kinds of friction?

The two types of friction are static friction and kinetic friction. Static friction occurs when two surfaces are at rest relative to each other, while kinetic friction occurs when two surfaces are in motion relative to each other.

Is the static friction is always zero?

Actually, the static friction is neverzero.

What is the generator that uses friction to produce a large static charge on a metal dome?


What is static friction in sliding friction?

Static friction is the force that must be overcome to set an object in motion when it is at rest. It is produced when two surfaces are in contact and not sliding past each other. Static friction is typically greater than kinetic (sliding) friction.

What causes friction in satic electricity?

There is no friction IN static electricity. However static electricity can be caused BY friction.

How does a hovercraft use static friction?

A hovercraft uses static friction to create a cushion of air underneath it, allowing it to hover above the surface. The static friction between the air cushion and the ground helps the hovercraft move smoothly and efficiently. By controlling the amount of air pressure and distribution, the hovercraft can maneuver in different directions.

Is static friction or sliding friction stronger?

Static friction is typically stronger than sliding friction. Static friction occurs when an object is at rest and needs to overcome the initial force required to start moving, whereas sliding friction occurs once the object is already in motion.