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All sports.

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Q: What sports use the quadriceps?
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What sport uses quadriceps?

All sports.

How do You use quadriceps in a sentence?

My quadriceps are sore. The coach's most dreaded words were, "Prepare to stretch your quadriceps".

When do you use your quadriceps?

you use your quadriceps all the time. You never stop using them, even if you are sitting you are always moving.

How do you use your quadriceps?

running, climbing stairs

What muscles do you use when you jump?

Calf and Quadriceps muscles

What muscles do you use for jumping?

Hamstrings, Gluteus maximus, and Quadriceps

What muscles are used when climbing the stairs?

You use the quadriceps in your legs

Which sports need quadriceps?

running, cycling, rowing and football as well as many others as this is your main muscle in the leg

What is the job of quadriceps muscle do?

quadriceps muscle do

What muscles are used in a squat?

In a squat, you use your quadriceps, hamstring, and your glutes.

What muscles do are used as a running back in football?

we use our quadriceps and our hamtrings

What bicycle muscles do you use?

Quadriceps, Abdominals, and I forgot the other two.

What muscles do you use when you leg press?

The hamstrings, quadriceps, and the gluteals are worked.

Why are quadriceps need?

Quadriceps will extend your lower leg.

Do the quadriceps or the biceps have more motor units?


Is the hamstring anterior to the quadriceps?

No, the hamstring is posterior to the quadriceps.

What is the real name of the quadriceps?

Quadriceps femoris is the scientific name.

What is another name for the quadriceps?

which muscles in the quadriceps are the surface muscles

What muscles are being use when you do hurdles?

The gastrocnemius, quadriceps, mostly leg muscles

Which is the largest muscle in the human body - Is it gluteus maximus or quadriceps?


What is the collagenous structure anchoring the quadriceps muscle to the patella?

Quadriceps tendon

What diseases are caused by the quadriceps?

Quadriceps is a muscle in a leg, not a cause of disease.

What is a quadriceps contusion?

A bruise on your quadriceps muscle, which is the large muscle in your thigh.

Are the quadriceps femoris smooth muscles?

No, the quadriceps fermoris is a skeletal muscle.

What are the funtions of the quadriceps?

Quadriceps contracts to extend the knee joint. Rectus femoris, the part of quadriceps flex the hip joint on the thigh.