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All sports that require the competitor to be alive use the cardiac AKA the heart muscle.

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Q: What sports use the cardiac muscle?
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Related questions

What is cardiac smooth muscle?

There is nothing really called 'cardiac smooth muscle'. Cardiac muscle is striated like skeletal muscle but it is not under your control like skeletal muscle is. It acts more like smooth muscle because of this reason. But we only use the terms smooth muscle, striated (skeletal) muscle or cardiac muscle.

How is cardiac muscle different than skeletal muscle?

The cardiac muscle is the Heart "involuntary" responsible for heart beating, while the skeletal muscle is "voluntary" we control when we use them, attached to bone by tendons.

How do you describe the cardiac muscle?

Cardiac muscle is involuntary striated muscle. The cells of cardiac muscle have only one nucleus. The layer of the heart that contains cardiac muscle is called the myocardium.

Examples of a cardiac muscle skeletal muscle and smooth muscles?

Cardiac muscle is the muscle that your heart uses, this type of muscle never tires, skeletal muscle is like the muscle you use to contract your arm, and smooth muscle is the muscle your stomache and other similair organs use to push food through your system.

What type of muscle is the cardiac muscle?

cardiac muslce is cardiac muscle and is involuntary cardiac muscles are found in the heart

How would you use cardiac muscle in a sentence?

One of his cardiac muscles was badly damaged.

What is the cardiac muscle made of?

Cardiac muscle is composed of cardiac muscle cells along with fibrous tissue.

Why is cardiac muscle striated?

I don't believe cardiac muscle is striated. Cardiac muscle has its own separate category of muscle. =D

Does cardiac muscle have cells?

Cardiac muscle cells are muscle cells.

Is the cardiac muscle branched?

No, the cardiac muscle is striated.

What does a cardiac muscle do in your body?

Your cardiac muscle makes your heart beat.

What kind of cell is the cardiac muscle tissue made of?

Cardiac muscle is made of cardiac muscle cells. Cardiac muscle is under the control of the autonomous nervous system and is not susceptible to fatigue

What are the three types of muscle?

smooth, cardiac, skeletalThe three types of muscle are skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, and smooth muscle.Involuntary, voluntary and cardiac muscle.

Is the Cardiac muscle appears striated and is completely voluntary?

cardiac muscle is striated cardiac muscle is not voluntary

Why does cardiac muscle never become tired?

Cardiac muscle never becomes tired because it does not use / store or produce lactic acid like skaletal muscle.

In terms of function how is cardiac muscle different from skeletal muscle?

cardiac muscle is involuntary muscle, while skeletal muscle is voluntary.

Are cardiac muscle involuntary or voluntary?

cardiac muscle is involuntary

Does cardiac muscle have a nucleus?

Yes, It does. :) Cardiac muscle have a nucleus, same as skeletal muscle and smooth muscle

What is the cardiac muscle also known as?

The cardiac muscle is the heart. The muscle type is smooth.

What do the 3 main muscles have in common?

smooth muscle,involuntary muscle, cardiac muscle smooth muscle,involuntary muscle, cardiac muscle

What are the properties of cardiac cells?

Cardiac muscle is a striated, involuntary muscle. Cardiac muscle cells usually contain 1 or 2 nuclei.

What are the types of cardiac muscle cells?

There is only one type of cardiac muscle cell.

How is a cardiac muscle like skeletal muscle and how is it like smooth muscle?

Cardiac muscle is involuntarily controlled, like smooth muscle. Cardiac muscle is also striated (has repeating sarcomeres), like skeletal muscle.

Is smooth muscle or cardiac muscle uninucleate?

cardiac muscle is usually uninucleate.

Is cardiac muscle striated?

Cardiac Muscle is smooth but looks striated