What sports use muscle power?

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Q: What sports use muscle power?
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What sports use the cardiac muscle?

All sports that require the competitor to be alive use the cardiac AKA the heart muscle.

What are some sports that use the anterior deltoid muscle?

Table tennis Croquet Squah Minly sports that use feet.

Is a ford gt a muscle car or a sports car?

GT is definitely a sports car/super car first, but can be considered a muscle car because of it power/weight, straight line performance.

Which sports use muscular power?

all of them do

What motorized vehicles are usually used when participating in power sports?

The motorized vehicle used when participating in power sports depends on the power sport one is participating in. The type of vehicle can range from a motorcycle, to a muscle car, and even to a jet ski.

What sports use the bicep muscle?

All of them. Bowling, volleyball, and baseball seem particularly pertinent.

What sports use the muscle bicep?

All of them. Bowling, volleyball, and Baseball seem particularly pertinent.

What Olympic sports do you use the deltoid muscle in?

Probably every single one. I doubt there is one where you don't.

What makes Camoro ss the most powerful muscle car?

Its not the most powerful muscle car... its only chevys most power muscle car currently produced (excluding the zr-1, which is consider a sports car).

What muscles do you use for kicking a soccer ball?

I may not name all of them, but i think you use your calf muscle, your leg muscle, and your thigh muscles for power sots.

What sports use the shoulder muscle?

badmiton,sleeping,talking,running and picking, brushing ur hair eating

Can sports build up muscle?


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