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The sports teams that play at the United Center in Chicago are the Chicago Bulls Basketball team and the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team.

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Q: What sports teams play in United Center?
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The Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers.

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To play is to play anything, from imaginary games to sports to videogames. Sports are many games that range from one guy against another to teams against teams.

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sports center

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The us national teams are teams that play in the olympics.

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it is not should girls can play but they can play

Which sports teams play in Virginia?

There are many sports teams in Virginia. To see a full list click in the sources and related links below.

Should sports teams be chosen on quota or merit?

Sports teams should, and usually are, chosen by merit. The goal of professional sports teams is to pick a solid, winning team, so that they can sell season tickets. Sports, after all, is a business. Teams are chosen based on ability and the positions they play.

Which sports teams play in Virginia?


What stadium to the Chicago Bulls play at?

The United Center *note: the Blackhawks also play thereThe Bulls play in the United Center.

Which sports teams play in green?

Essendon Bombers (AFL)

Do international sports teams have to pay to play?

no they don't have to pay

Why girls should play on boys sports?

girls should play on boys sports teams because the thing that is stopping them is a gender matter.

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Manchester United

Should girls be allowed to play on boys sports teams?


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There is the NE Patriots to cover ME.

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Why do US sports reward losing teams?

US sports reward losing teams so they can have more confidence and makes them more interested in winning the next game they will play.

How many girls play on boys sports teams?

It's either 1) a girl sport team, 2) a boy sport team or 3) mixed sports teams

Where is united center Chicago?

"The United Center in Chicago is the stadium where the Chicago Bulls play their home games. It was built by United Airlines, and bands also play concerts there too."

How many people play sports?

Many people play sports. But the United States has the most athletic people.

What does a sports attorney do?

A sports attorney provides legal advice and service to sports people and those working in sports. They may handle disputes between sports players and the teams they play for.

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Depending on the sport, but i think you have to be gay.

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coz there not as good as boys

Are there any professional sports teams that play in Idaho?

Yes, the Idaho Potatoes