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Okay , If you mean by any chances the NFL's teams with the best stats will be - Seahawks , 49ers , Patriots.

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Q: What sports team has the best statistics?
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People do sports statistics every team that a game is played. Any time a game is played, there are statistics for each player on the team, and the game goes in to the team's record as a win or loss.

What is the best sports team in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team.

How Sports Statisticians Work?

Sports statisticians work is not right for everyone, but it is a rewarding and entertaining career for those who enjoy sports. Statisticians can work for companies that cover all kinds of sports, or they may work for specific teams or leagues. Extensive Sports Knowledge A sports statistician must understand every aspect of the sport that they are working for. If the statistician covers baseball, for example, he or she needs to know every part of the game that records are kept for. A statistician is hired to compile statistics at different levels for sports teams. They may be tasked with tracking the statistics of players throughout the league, or they may track the statistics of each team as a whole. The statistics that are tracked allow coaches and team owners to keep track of trends that show where changes may need to be made in the team. Outstanding Research Skills There are no specific education requirements for people to work as sports statisticians. They just need to demonstrate an ability to perform detailed research into the sports that they cover. The statistician has to be able to find and interpret statistics from history as well as the current game. It is important that a statistician pay strict attention to detail, since the statistics that he or she reports could mean the difference between a player being hired or let go by an organization. The statistician also provides statistics to owners so that they can make better decisions about how much to pay a player. Where Sports Statisticians Find Jobs Sports statisticians find work in several areas related to sports. They may work for a newspaper as journalists who cover the sport. They could work as radio announcers who give statistic information to the listeners. Many sports reporters rely on the statistics to create better reports about the players and teams. Sports statisticians are hired by team owners to compile statistics about the players on the team and about the players the team will face. The statistician can be vital to a team’s approach against any given team in the league. If the statistics show a trend, the team can take advantage of it.

Is Manchester united the best in football team?

According to statistics, yes they are.

What does it mean sports team spirit?

team spirit means to do best work with team

What was the best sports team in 2002?

Detroit Red Wings

What does top seed in sports mean?

your he best team in your division

What are the best sports for kids to learn team spirit?

Soccer is one of the best sports for teaching team spirit. Mainly because it involves lots of activity in the players which needs to be consistently coordinated.

Where can someone go to learn more about Sale Sharks?

The Sale Sharks are a rugby team. Interested sports fans can find out more about the Sale Sharks, their current team, and performance statistics by visiting their official website and sports sites that cover rugby, such as BBC.

Softball is best describe as what type of sports?

Group team sport

What sports team is best on club penguin?

The blue team is best because of its got a lot of publicity and the other teams are not so popular ...

Who is the best team in sports?

well for 2010 best nfl team is green bay best nba team is lakers best mlb team is the san frinscio giants best nhl team was the capitals hope this helped i did a lot of research if it didnt sorry i did it off of sats