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Button Gwinnett

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Q: What sports star has the most rare autograph?
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What movie star has the most expensive autograph?


How do you use the word autograph in a sentence?

(it can be used as both a noun and a verb) Getting an autograph from the famous star was difficult if not impossible. Football players will often appear at sports shows to autograph merchandise for their fans.

What a auto is on Movie Star Planet?

An autograph

How do you get autographs for free?

You have to be where the film star is at the time and if you are the front it is still very rare if they will sign your autograph... It comes at a price. If your famous of rich there might be a possibility but they are very busy people...

How do you get Star Trek Autograph Signed?

Go to a convention.

Who is the most famous and wealthiest sports star?

Tiger Woods

How do you get Movie Star Planet fame points easy?

Make movies,get autograph's your really desperate ask me to autograph you but you have to autograph me nya111 is my name oh and PS add me to

Name an occupation where you might be asked for an autograph?

movie star

What sports star sold the most for Adidas in 2009?

David Beckham

How can you spot a rare Pokemon card?

you look at the bottom right corner and if it has a circle its common, if it has a dimond its 50 rare and 50 not. if it has a black star its rare, silver star rare RARE, and gold star RARE RARE RARE! also if they are a lv ex thy are rare

When was STAR Sports created?

STAR Sports was created in 1993.

Were to get Star Wars Autograph Signed?

You can always try an anual ComicCon or an event that involves Star Wars.