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Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines agility as the state of being agile: that is, to be "marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace" or to be "having a quick resourceful and adaptable character". With such a broad definition, it can be said that any sporting discipline in which proficiency is judged, in part or in full, by the use of one's physical abilities in reaction to an opponent or the circumstances of the sport in question, requires agility.

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Q: What sports require agility?
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How does sport help us get energy?

Sports require exercise, and exercising increases stamina and agility. Stamina and agility is a form of energy, because the higher they are, the more energy you have. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It does not. Sports help you get fit but doing sports uses energy, it does not "get" it.

What does sport require?

Sports require accuracy in some cases, agility, intelligence and heart. What I mean by heart is that you don't give up.

What sports do you use agility in?

Quite a lot of sports use agility, for example football, Rugby, hockey and any sports like those

What sports involve agility?


What sports do you need agility in?


What effects to agility have towards sports?

agility quickens your reactions and hightens your fitness level

Does soccer require agility?

Yes soccer require lots of agility, you have to be fast, have skill, and basically be graceful enough to not trip over the ball.

Does playing team sports increase your alertness and agility?


What sports use agility?

Football, basketball, soccer.

What are some sports that require agility?

a good sport that requires a lot of agility is hockey you may think its just gliding on ice but if you ever actually play you will be tired in minutes have u ever seen those players get off the ice after a game.

Which sports use agility?

Most of the sports. Such as horse riding, swimming basket ball.

What are the risk with agility exercises?

There are no risks, or very minimal risks with agility exercises. In fact, agility exercises reduce the risk of injury while playing strenuous sports.

What sports use the most agility?

Football, soccer, and Rugby

Why use agility training in sports?

This is useful in sports like soccer, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, football and others.

How is agility used in real life?

agility can be used in many sports to move fast a with the ball of to get to some thing or around thing at a fast pace

What are the basic skills of individual sports?

Speed, strength, stamina, mind and agility.

Uses of sports?

Sports help build physical fitness and some help build endurance, like soccer. Some sports help you gain agility and quickness. Also, sports are a fantastic way to exercise. Sports help build physical fitness and some help build endurance, like soccer. Some sports help you gain agility and quickness. Also, sports are a fantastic way to exercise.

What sports need agility balance co-ordination?

There are lots of sports which need these components but the most common are running and football.

What sport use agility?

Almost all sports that involves turning fast and sprinting

Which sports improve speed and agility?

golf does. many people disagree but it is actually true

What are some sports in 441 bc?

Most of the sports in the 5th century BC involved running and wrestling. They were also games of strength and agility.

Why is agility important for football?

Both footballs require agility. Running is how you get to the goal or end zone and score a point or multiple points. If you are fleet on your feet then you can get past any defender.

What specific sports use agility?

Soccer, Football, and Rugby. Also in some ways Hockey.

What is an example of agility in sports?

any sport imparticular? Speed, Skill, Power, Accuracy, Balance

Do you need agility for tennis?

yes, you do need an agility training skills for the sports, tenni because you will be requiring the quikeness of your body movement during the play as where th tennis ball comes from.... -__-