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Q: What sports recently became popular with women athletes?
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Do male athletes earn more than female athletes?

In most main sports, yes. Men's sports are much more popular then women's.

When was SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes created?

SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes was created in 2007.

Which sports have recently become less popular?

Well I dont know which sports are getting less popular,but i do know which sports are becoming more popular and the main one is Ice hockey. Becuz recently high schools in Wisconsin are making girls team for the high school. I hope this might help just a bit

What is athletes?

athletes are people who do sports as a living

What is the purpose of an urine test in sports?

Urine test can detect most of the drugs that might be used by the athletes. Therefore, it is a very popular noninvasive method of drug test in sports to detect illegal drug use by the athletes.

Do professional athletes get paid weekly?

some probably do put popular sports such as football get paid yearly

Who were the most popular sports figures in 1960?

Some popular sports figures in 1960 was Muhammad Ali , Willie Mays and Wilt Chamberlain. Other popular athletes are Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Bobby Hull and Sandy Koufax.

People who play sports?


Do Amateur athletes compete in sports for the sake of the sports themselves?

Yes and for the fun of it considering they are Amateur athletes and do not get payed.

What became popular form of entertainment at the turn of the 20th century?

Watching sports.

Who do you think is the best?

It depends on the athlete and how popular they are. There are many different athletes and sports out there and it is not possible to pinpoint one specific thing.

How many athletes are athletes are there in the world?

there are 1000's of disabled of athletes in the world, that compete in sports

Should student athletes have good grades to play sports?

No, I believe that if athletes have passing grades, that will be enough to play sports.

What types of athletes go to sports clinics?

Both amateur and professional athletes go to sports clinics. Additionally non- athletes with athletic impairing conditions also go.

Why did sport become popular?

sports became popular when people needed a way to loose weight or find something fun to do.

How many athletes have played two professional sports?

Click on the link below to see a list of athletes that played multiple sports.

What is the difference between an Athletic School and a Sports School?

The Athletic school is full of athletes, but the sports school is teaching people to be athletes.

How popular is Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant is fourth on the list of most popular sports athletes, with Tiger Woods at the top, Michael Jordan 2nd, and Lebron James 3rd.

Do college athletes get paid?

No. It is illegal is some sports for College athletes to get paid.

Who are the highest paid athletes in sports for sports salaries only?


Do sports pay athletes in the Olympics?

No, they do not.

Will the athletes going to do the sports together?


What do athletes do?

Sports and other exercise.

What sports has the fittest athletes?


What sports have the fastest athletes?