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Bowling is the most popular individual sports game in the United States. Football has more participants than any other team sport.

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Q: What sports have the highest participation in the US?
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What is the highest participation sport in the world?

Futbol or as known in America soccer is the sport with the highest participation.

What are the highest grossing sports in the us?

American football

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Sports stars.

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its in egypt

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NY Yankees

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Participation rate of what.

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it is a pyramid describing how people participate in sports. Simplez.

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The Olympics are comprised of many different sports. Based upon participation the sport that is the most popular is cycling.

Define participation sports?

Participation in sports, is when you participate/subscribe in any type of sport. This participation could be through your school, or out of your school. you could be participating in sports activities, clubs, teams, and much more...The goal could be to have fun, compete in contests.. and other things...

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football because it's fun to watch

Top 10 highest paid sports? has the answer to this question. Boxing is 1.

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contact the university of Wisconsin, sports research center

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it increases flexiblity

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Team sports build character by teaching you discipline, team work, winning and losing gracefully as well as determination. There is a lot that can be learned from the participation in sports.

Why are muscles so important for sports participation?

because without getting your muscles in shape and stronger you will be out performed on the field or court in any sport and wont perform at the highest level.

What has the author Christopher William Jennings written?

Christopher William Jennings has written: 'The effect of sports centre development on trends and participation in sports activities within the city of Cardiff' -- subject(s): SPORTS Centres -- development -- Cardiff -- effect on participation in sporting activities, CARDIFF -- sports centres -- development -- effect on participation in sporting activities

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