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Golf earns more money than footballers

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Q: What sports earn more money than footballers?
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Related questions

Who is richer between footballers and musicians?

footballers. they earn more

Do sports people earn too much money?

Teachers should earn more than sports people!

Do sports personalities get paid too much money?

Yes and no. Yes in the sense that money arguments involve amounts few others will ever see, and no in that the market dictates player salaries etc. just thought i'd mention that some footballers earn more in a week than some nurses earn in a year

Why should footballers get that much money?

In my opinion, they shouldn't ! Premiership footballers get paid more per game than some people (who do real jobs) earn in a year !

How much does a golfer make a year?

Golfers can earn millions of money. But it also depends how good they are Tiger Woods, etc, earn the most amount of money as golfers and pro golfers earn lots more than footballers and it is to known that pro golfers earn the most money in sport in the world

Why should a doctor earn more money than football players?

Doctors are more important than footballers. Doctors could save peoples lives such as if they have cancer. Footballers are a bunch of overpaid losers that fake injuries and kick a ball about for 90 minutes

Do premiership footballers earn more than NBA players?


What would promotion be after you are a nfl sports coach?

to earn more money

Who makes more money footballers or boxers?

As far as i know boxers earn more money!! now if you look a top footballer and top boxer a boxer would make more money and they actually do , maybe because it as individual sport whereas football is a teams sport.

Are footballers get overpaid?

footballers get overpaid. they get more money than people in the army and all footballers do is kick a ball around and shooting goals

Who earns more money wrestlers or footballers?

football players

Should footballers get paid more than soldiers?

Footballers should Not Get Paid More Then Soildiers Because All The Footballers Are Doin Is Runnning Round a Pitch And The Soilders Are Actually Risking There Lives So They Sould Get More Money For It !!

Do footballers get more money than soldiers?

it depends on the term

Phil takes a job after school to earn money to buy a sports car He knows that the more hours he works the more money he will make?

The amount of money Phil makes is a function of the number of hours he works

Why do people go to Europe to play football?

mainly because football to Europe is like American football to America, footballers become much more famous much more quickly and can earn exorbitant amounts of money per week

Has sport been reduced to money?

Some people believe that sports have become more focused on money than the game. This is due to the high salaries athletes earn.

Why do meteorologists earn a lot of money?

Why do sports players? And i think knowing the weather is more important. We need meteorologists! Put it that way..

What makes more money pro sports or music artists?

Music artists and pro sports make the equal amount of money as long as they give something to it, and they do something to earn the money. Is this a good answer? From, Kidskids

Who get more money footballer or cricketer?

Footballers are paid huge sums weekly.

Who makes more money football players or golfers?

footballers coz there the fiest

How do you earn more money in tekken 6?

to earn more money, you need to fight and win often.

How win more money soccer player o bobybuilder?

Footballers get more money, as they get a regular weekly salary. While bodybuilders do not get it weekly.

how do u earn more money?

you can get a job, or save money from birthdays or holidays

What career does earn more money?

messi earns more money

Why nurses earn lower wages than footballers that play for the top premiership clubs?

Because there are a lot more nurses than top footballers. And football draws a huge crowd while not many would pay to see a nurse work.