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there is no such thing as Boise College, only Boise State University

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Q: What sports does Boise college have?
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Is there a professional sports team in Boise?

No, only college teams.

Where do you get bsu football jerseys at?

You can get them at The bronco shop in Boise Idaho under the stueckle sky club or you can get them at albertsons,Walmart(in boise) and at any college sports clothing store in Idaho

When was Boise Bible College created?

Boise Bible College was created in 1945.

Where is Boise Bible College?

Boise Bible College is located in the state of Idaho.

Where is Boise Bible College located?

Boise Bible College is located in the state of Idaho.

When was Stevens-Henager College Boise created?

Stevens-Henager College Boise was created in 2004.

Does Idaho have any pro sports teams?

Boise State Broncos and Boise for NCAA

Are there any Junior Colleges in Boise Idaho?

There is not a Jr. College in Boise - but CWI is a Junior College in Nampa with some classess that can be taken on Boise State Campus.

Why is Boise famous today?

It is the capital of Idaho, and the Boise State Broncos (a good college football team) are from Boise.

Where is the World Sports Hall Fame in Boise Idaho located?

The address of the World Sports Hall Fame is: Po Box 9324, Boise, ID 83707-3324

where can i fine CNA classes in Boise ?

Apalo College and Boise State University both offer the course that you are looking for.

What has the author Eugene B Chaffee written?

Eugene B. Chaffee has written: 'Boise College An Idea Grows' -- subject(s): Boise State College, History