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The hamstring group

a) controls knee flexion (allows you to bend your knee behind you). this is the most commonly exercised posterior leg muscle.

b) Extension of the back. (when you bend over your hamstrings help you stand back up) Part of the hamstring supports your lower back and when not exercised it can weaken and cause lower Back pain as well as leg cramps.

to exercise your legs you can do leg curls (standing or sitting)

to exercise your lowerback you can perform a hyperextension exercise by repeatedly extending your back while keeping your legs straight.

compound movements can exercise both. i.e. Deadlifts, goodmornings, squats.

always warm up first (get your heartrate up and muscles warm) then stretch (like sitting against a wall leaning forwards for 30 seconds) before doing any lifting.

Gross Movements: One can also do consecutive jumps for distance, especially ... also climbing.

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e.g running, cycling, Netball or Basketball

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the follow through with leg after taking a shot in football

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Q: What sports do you use your hamstrings in?
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What muscles do butt kicks use?

your hamstrings

What muscles do you use in hockey?

triceps biceps hamstrings

What are the hamstrings used for?

Hamstrings are used whenever you use your legs, like when walking, lunging, turning, and even standing. Cheerleaders specifically use their hamstrings to perform jumps, stunts, and tumbling passes.

What muscles do you use doing squats and what ones do you use to balance you?

Hamstrings, Quads, Calves.

When do you use your hamstrings?

you use ur hamstring when your playing football eg running kicking

What muscles do you use to do a bow and arrow for cheerleading?

hamstrings and hip flexors

How this muscles are being involve in sit and reach?

You use your calf muscles, hamstrings, hip muscles.

What muscles are use in jumping jacks?

You use your quadriceps, hamstrings, gluts, abs, biceps, triceps, and obliques.

Hamstrings are used for in soccer?

Yes, hamstrings are used for soccer!

How is hamstrings used in tennis?

Forehands, and backhands use the hamstring muscle when hitting the ball.

What part of speech is hamstrings?

The word hamstrings is a noun. It is the plural form of hamstring.

Do you use your hamstrings going up or down during a squat exercise?

no squating is used for muscles